5h Annual Asian Pacific American Policy & Resource Forum


Please find the invitation below for the 5th Annual Asian Pacific Legislative day/dinner on January 15, 2009. The Governor will be attending in the evening along with most of his cabinet and other members of the General Assembly.
Please do come as my guest to this event.
Please do RSVP to me.
Rumy Mohta, Chairman
Asian American Society of Central Virginia
Tel: 804-245-4974
Email: Rumy@aasocv.org


To open the Invitation, click here : 5h-annual-asian-pacific-american-policy-resource-forum 


Note :


Rumy Mohta, is the chair of the Zoroastrians Association of Virginia is heading this initiative.
On the WZCC front, he has accompanied the Governor of Virginia on a trade delegation to India before. He has reached out to several Z-youth to provide them training and employment opportunities in his business.
Rumy is a person with leadership qualities we would wish to support in the activities he undertakes.  Many of these are related to Zoroastrians at interfaith fora (see past issues of FEZANA Journal) and the posting under consideration is related.

To summarize, the item on 15th Jan 2009 would fall under the rubric of a community initiative with Zoroastrian leadership which brings the Government, and businesses together in promoting the fabric of civil society. 



Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

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