For the first time, Vasanu recipe is now online. Grandmother’s recipe from Wadia Baug.
It is to be made exactly as follows:
1 1/2kg ghee
1/2kg char jaatna magaz
50g baval nu goonder (resin of the baval tree)
2 1/4kg sugar
500g ghau nu doodh
500g cummar kakri
400g dates
100g akhrot (walnut)
soak overnight in hot water, peel and chop and fry :
1/2 kg almonds
1/2 kg pistachio nuts, shelled
250 g charoli
powder individually:
250g dil (suva)
1/2 kg dried water chestnuts
450g lotus roots
25g dholi musli
10g punjabi salan
25g white pepper
100g gokhru
25g kali musli
50g pipri mool
50g saalam panjo
50g kajar kas
50g karlu batrisu
50g jabar jas
coarsely crush:
30g white cardamoms
3 nutmegs
25g vai varin
350g dry ginger
250g udad daal
25g chana dal
150g khus khus
250g singora
100g variali (saunf)
200g dry coconut

Fry individually all peeled and chopped nuts, mags.

Make a sugar syrup of one-thread consistency , using enough water just to cover sugar. Add fried ingredients, keeping a few nuts aside.

In another pan, cook dil with ghau nu doodh till thick. Add about two cups water, if needed. Pour dil mixture into sugar syrup.

Heat a little ghee in a shallow frying pan and fry all powdered ingredients, individually, a little at a time, adding them to the mixture with ghee, as they are fried. Mix well, place on low heat and cook, stirring continuously, to prevent burning.

When thick, add crushed spices, mix well and remove from fire.

Pour into a tray, pyrex dish or glass jar and store in a cool place.

Note: ingredients for this recipe are available in specialized shops.

Courtesy :  Diana Buhariwalla


  • I am writing to you as the editor of, where we are collecting a variety of Indian memories. One section is devoted to traditional Indian recipes Each recipe has a story associated with it. The above recipe for Vasanu would be suitable. I would love to get contributions from all the readers. My email is Regards. Subodh Mathur

  • Dear Subodh,

    Nice hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

    We will be too happy if you could give a link from your site, to our site for Parsi Food / Recipes / Home Remedies, which include some links to Irani Restaurants, Chai, and some other interesting nostalgic stuff. In our Books Section and in our Rituals and Practices Section, you will find some good stories and memories of the Community and of Mumbai, which are interlinked.

    Please do let me know how you would like to proceed.

  • Thank you very much for this recipe As i searched google before many time till search ends i DID NOT found this recipe….

    Thank you Very Much for Sharing…………..

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  • can anyone please send me a bhakra recipe which makes soft bhakras mine are tasty but hard 🙁

  • Homai, I have several Bhakhra recipes on

    One tip while making soft Bhakhra is to add baking powder next morning after the dough has risen. The sour curds will make the dough soft overnight.

    Best regards,

  • from where to get ready spices mix for vasanu.. it is avaialble in small packets for 1 kg and all… i do not where in mumbai??

    • Dr.Pervin Keki Surti phd

      U can give the list to shop keeper he will prepare ready for you as you please

    • Motilal Masalawalla of Gr.Road should be able to give you the required mix of ingredients to start your “Vasanu” preperation.

    • Please try Motilal Masalawala at Grant Road. They will help you with all the ingredients

  • Since my wife is Parsi (Kashmira — nee Baria from Cusrow Baug),
    I have eaten Vasanu. My questions below may appear unusual but they are serious. Please reply if you know.

    1. Is it a Parsi/Irani or Gujarati sweet?
    2. Is it basically eaten in Winter?
    3. Is it mainly meant for anemic would be mothers?
    4. Can it be included in Halva category being sweet?
    5. Is it aphrodisiac for men and given to cold women?
    6. Is it easily digestible and in terms of Tridoshas,
    how will you classify it?
    7. Is it good for small children?
    8. Any other useful information, if any.

    • Hi Munira,
      I was looking at this website and noticed that you need the ingredients for making Parsi Vasanu. Where do you live ?? I may be able to help you. I live in Canada and I make vasanu almost all year round. You can contact me by email (

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  • Where can we get ingredients for vasanu in Bangalore, what is vai varin. Unable to get any answer on Google

  • Vasanu ingredients – “vai varin” anyone know what it is ? Also “Punjabi salan” and “Jabar jas”

  • Exactly as per my grandmother. But we use milk while making sugar syrup (chashni). Only vai caring and jabar jas not used.

  • I am Dilly Umrigar from Cusrow baug Mumbai.. and have been making Vasanu & Badam pak for over a decade. Thanks to my Grandmom.. Mom & Mom in law who all passed down the tradition ! Do contact me if required.. as mine goes all over India & Internationally at extra courier charges. You may contact me on 9820239105

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