Badam Paak

1 ltr milk
125 g cream
1kg almonds,blanched
350 g butter
1/2 ltr rosewater
2 tbs crushed nutmeg and cardamoms
4 cups sugar
a pinch of salt

Cook milk on low heat till it is reduced to half. Cool it and then add cream.

Fry almonds lightly in butter till golden. Cool and grate coarsely with a bit of  cold rosewater. This prevents the oil dripping from the almonds.

Make syrup with remaining rosewater and sugar. Boil to a thread. Remove from fire, add almonds, milk and butter in which almonds were fried. Mix well and cook on low heat, till mixture reaches consistency of a thick batter. Add spices, mix well and pour into a flat glass dish.

This can be kept for several weeks in a refrigerator.

Courtesy : Diana Buhariwalla

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