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Our Aims and Objects :

As started on the 2nd and 3rd cover pages, this magazine is now named “Parsi Avaz”, wherein “Dini Avaz” and “Parsi Pukar” are merged.

The chief aim of the two magazines continues; which is: the propagation of the spiritual, devotional and mystical content of the Zarthoshti Din.

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The Ateshgyakh Fire-Worshippers’ Temple


The Ateshgyakh Fire-Worshippers’ Temple (18th century) is located within Greater Baku in the village of Surakhany (15 km from Baku). The historical roots of the monument go back to the hoary past, to the days when Azerbaijan statehood was only taking shape and establishing itself and Zoroastrianism, the central part in whose ritual is played by fire, was the dominant religion in the country. The flaming torches of gas escaping from under the ground and burning in many places all over the Apsheron Peninsula were believed to have miraculous divine power.

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Courtesy : Phiroze Master / Rusi J Mistry

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Early first century Zoroastrian Fire Temple


Early first century Zoroastrian Fire Temple discovered in Turkish excavations of Ani.


 History: A thousand years ago the city of Ani was the capital of an Armenian kingdom that covered much of present day Armenia.


Courtesy : Phiroze Master / Rusi J Mistry





FPZAI West Zone meet December 2008


Bombay Samachar Sunday 28/12/2008 carries an edited version of the report by me in Parsi Tari Arsi column. Here is the full text of the report for your information.

Marzban Giara 


FPZAI West Zone Meet December 2008


A meeting of the Anjumans of Gujarat was held at Bardoli on Sunday 21st December 2008. Mr. Areez Khambatta, Vice President of West Zone B, Federation of Parsi Zoroastrian Anjumans of India presided. Dasturji Cyrus Noshirwan Dastoor of Surat was the chief guest. Representatives of Bardoli, Billimora, Davier, Khergam, Mahuva, Nargol, Navsari MalesarBehdin Anjuman, Saronda, Siganpor, Tavri, Vyara-Songadh anjumans were present.

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Courtesy : Cyrus Balsara 

New book by Pessie Madan – AN ODYSSEY


Dear Friends,

Announcing an exciting new biography, from a member of the community–

Brig. Pessie Madan, born in Burma in 1916 and winner of the 1975 Padma Shri, has just published a book detailing his experiences during India’s independence and the nation’s early high-tech revolution. The website for the book has also gone live, at http://pessiemadan. com

The biography, AN ODYSSEY, was released by Konark Publishers in Delhi earlier this year. It begins in Burma, where Pessie’s family lived, then travels between Mumbai, England, Ghaziabad and Bangalore’s Electronic City. It is a fast-paced, entertaining read that will bring an important part of India’s history to the younger generations.

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The book website:

Finding the book in the U.S. and elsewhere: com/exec/ obidos/ASIN/ 8122007406

In India:
http://www.a1books. 8122007406

About Pessie Madan:
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Pessie_Madan

Best wishes for a very happy new year!
Temina Madon