New book by Pessie Madan – AN ODYSSEY


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Announcing an exciting new biography, from a member of the community–

Brig. Pessie Madan, born in Burma in 1916 and winner of the 1975 Padma Shri, has just published a book detailing his experiences during India’s independence and the nation’s early high-tech revolution. The website for the book has also gone live, at http://pessiemadan. com

The biography, AN ODYSSEY, was released by Konark Publishers in Delhi earlier this year. It begins in Burma, where Pessie’s family lived, then travels between Mumbai, England, Ghaziabad and Bangalore’s Electronic City. It is a fast-paced, entertaining read that will bring an important part of India’s history to the younger generations.

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The book website:

Finding the book in the U.S. and elsewhere: com/exec/ obidos/ASIN/ 8122007406

In India:
http://www.a1books. 8122007406

About Pessie Madan:
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Pessie_Madan

Best wishes for a very happy new year!
Temina Madon

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