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Zoroastrianism in China


The Chinese now interested in helping to restore all the places of worship and  promoting the five Religions in China

( Buddhist, Taoist, Catholic, Protestants and Muslims).

They would like to help our Religions, but have no Clue about  the existence of  Zoroastrian Religion in China nor have they found any old Zoroastrian sites ,artefact’s ,Fire temples etc.

If you or your family are from China , and have any photographs, address any thing that can help to find your roots,please contact me.

There is no guarantee , but there is no harm trying.

Best Regards

Russi Ghadiali


Inter Religious Organization,Singapore.

Mediclaim for Senior Citizens

Dear Friends,

Mediclaim Policy For Senior Citizens – Upto

Age 75/80 Years- Also Covering Pre- Existing Diseases

It Has Been Observed That Many Senior Citizens Have So Far Refrained From Covering Themselves Under Mediclaim Schemes Either Due To Heavy Insurance Premium Or Exclusion Of Pre-Existing Diseases.

We Are Happy To Inform You That We Help In Claiming  Reimbursement Of Hospitalisation Expenses. Incurred By An Individual Or A Family. No Medical Examination Is Necessary. Pre- Existing Diseases Not Claimed Earlier Are Also Covered ( Except HIV & Cancer ). Under Individual Policies Ambulance Charges And Maternity Expenses Are Also Covered Albeit With A Limit.

The Scheme Will Be Very Beneficial To Those Who Are Not Yet Covered.

Those Who Are Already Covered Elsewhere May Continue There And

Make Our Scheme As An “Add On” To Their Existing Cover.

Please Note That You Will Be Covered Under The Group Policy Under The Group Policy Where Income Tax Benefit Under Sec.80D Is Excluded And Cashless Scheme Is Available- With Raksha TPA Ltd.

Those Interested May Contact The Undersigned Directly. Appropriate Consultation Charges May Be Applicable for Consultations  And Processing Of The Claim, If Any.

We Wish You A Healthy, Happy And Prosperous Life.

Yours Sincerely

Kety & Zarsis Udhnawala