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Kayani Bakery


People in and around Bombay and Pune have become only too aware of the value of snacks and specialty foods across these lands.

For instance, one of the oldest and best known bakeries in the city of Pune –An Irani bakery, well known for making some of the best Biscuits and Cakes. Of course, its The Kyani bakery located in the heart of town that offers one of the best bakery products u can get -the most sought-after Shrewsbury biscuits. Believe it or not, but there actually was a time when the stocks would frequently exceed demand and unless you wanted to return home terribly disappointed, you would have to queue up outside the bakery early in the morning to make sure you get your fill before the day’s freshly baked stock sold out. But needless to say, being humble Zoroastrians and keeping their customers interest at heart they made quick changes, and now, thanks to those thoughtful amendments, any item is available at any time of the day. Yet, it is no surprise that this has not affected the crowd you’ll see outside the bakery!

These delightful little biscuits, along with their Cheese paapdi, Mava Cakes, Chocolate Cookies, Wine biscuits, chocolate walnut cakes, coffee cookies and kyaniother such delicious melt-in-the-mouths are some of the finest bakery products you will ever taste throughout the country! The bakery has been a landmark since it was established by brothers Hormuzdiar and Khodayar Irani in 1955 and is very popular among the local people as well as tourists. Its products are clearly a class apart and continue to be one of the most favorite gourmet attractions in the city.

Address: East Street, Camp, Pune 411001.

Courtesy : Diana Buhariwalla

Cooper’s Chikki

Cooper’s Chikki

When it comes to Lonavla as being one of the most favorite weekend get-aways among most punekars and Mumbai-walla’s for years together, it becomes difficult to go on without mentioning the ever so popular Cooper’s Chikki.  Owned by Mrs. Rashna and Hoshi Cooper, and established in the early 1950s by Mr. Noshir Cooper, it is unquestionably the best place to stop by in Lonavla to buy the best Chocolate-Walnut fudge, Coconut Barfi and a vast variety of mouth-watering Chikkis. Located right opposite the railway station, it is quite impossible to miss it considering the crowd you cannot help but notice outside the shop. The only reason these people are drawn to cooper’s, and religiously stop over at Lonavla each time they travel via the expressway, is the excellence in quality and richness of their products. A great plus for all those with a sweet tooth, is the freshly packed assorted Chikkis, neatly cut into easy-to-eat pieces and packed, only with their customers’ convenience at heart.

Contact : 02114272564

Courtesy : Diana Buhariwalla

Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Programme

Our Scholarship Program In this competitive world the key to success is a good education. It can open many doors, and will help achieve one’s dreams. However good quality education is expensive, and hence many well-known colleges in India and abroad can be out of reach for many meritorious students.

This should however no longer be the end of the road for your dreams, since there is a Foundation that provides merit-based loan scholarships for pursuing post graduate studies.

The Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Programme is the Foundation’s endeavour to promote academic excellence in India.  The objective of the Scholarship Programme is to evolve a group of young professionals and leaders of higher caliber imbued with values of entrepreneurship and ethics. This programme therefore goes beyond financial support and has a unique aspect – a mentoring programme to nurture and motivate scholars.

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