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Vulture Conservation Project by Nature Club Surat

“Vulture Culture” in NCS




From last decade, all nature lovers and environmentalist, in the whole world are very much concern & worried about a very serious issue of enormous declination in Vulture population in India & subcontinents. Lots of efforts have been putting up by many governmental & non-governmental organizations in India, which are still not enough. Here I would like to draw attention to mammoth efforts of dedicated volunteers from Nature Club Surat, working days & nights to save our last & the important elements in food chain.


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Courtesy : Goldy Gandhi



Annual Prize Distribution and Felicitation of Senior Mobed Sahebs


Athornan Boarding Madressa, Dadar
Annual Prize Distribution and Felicitation of Senior Mobed Sahebs.
Highlight of the Students’ Programme is a Play
                The Miracle of King Darab
Queen Homai abandons her infant son in a river … amidst amazing twists and strange circumstances see how this child becomes the king of Iran
Dt: Sun. 25th Jan. 09, 6:00 p.m. at Athornan Madressa – M. Joshi Hall. 
Followed by Snacks .

 Ramiyar Karanjia

Where in lies real freedom real independence of humanity?

Difference in the Avestan and the present ideas about the same.


This article is taken from the book “Essential Origins of Zoroastrianism” (Pg 20-22)

By Dr. Framroze Chiniwalla


The Human Mind and Reason need Patha:

The human mind is beset with Druj activities. It fails in the nick of time. The human reason is also duped more than once. If the human mind and reason could have thought for themselves properly, then why should they have been born on this mundane earth? To allow it (the mind) to act as it wills shows only the allegiance to druj meaning the faults of the flesh, called ignorance and passions. A young man or woman free to act as he or she wills is only allowed to be powerfully and unremittingly imprisoned by conceit and defects.

Click here to read the rest of the article.. where-in-lies-real-freedom-real-independence-of-humanity


A Peep Into The Domestic Life Of The Parsis A Hundred Years Ago

P.N. Tavaria


  [This article is taken from a book “A Manual of Khshnoom” by P.N. Tavaria].

         Often people ask today, where has our “PARSIPANU” gone and what are the reasons of our gradual decline as an ethnic group? The simple answer is that we have discarded our own lofty tarikats and instead chosen to ape the Western Culture. Well read on and more importantly let us learn and imbibe something of our own past ways of life. – Editor]

Click here …. a-peep-into-the-life-of-the-parsee-a-100-yrs-ago


Doing Good in Chicago and India

India Development Coalition of America
1213 Stonebriar Ct., Naperville, IL 60540,    

You are cordially invited to IDCA’s Monthly Forum on:

Doing Good in Chicago and India – Efforts by the Greater Chicago Food Depository, Ekya and IDCA

Date: January 31, 2009, 2:00 to 4:30 pm

Venue: Oak Brook Library
(North of 31st Street & ~1 mile E. of Route 83) Tel: (630) 990-2222

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Cultural And Historical Perspective Of Zoroastrian Faith

SymposiuM update


Cultural and Historical perspective of Zoroastrian Faith


Co-sponsored by ZSO, WZO, and FEZANA

Sunday March 29 2009  9am- 6pm



Featuring FEZANA Khorshed Jungalwala lecture

 Zoroastrian Literature as a Part of the Cultural Heritage of

Modern Zoroastrians

Professor Oktor Skjaervo


Also featuring

Keepers of the Flame: The Early Zoroastrians of Central Asia

Professor Jenny Rose


The Water of Omniscience and the Milk of Knowledge:

Zoroastrian Elements in the Apocalypse of Muhammad

Professor Maria Subtelny


How a Minority Adapts: Zoroastrians in Ceylon/Sri Lanka

 from Antiquity to the Present.

Professor Jamsheed Choksy


Registration fee: $ 8.00 (Adult) $5.00 (youth under 25)

To Register please mail your check payable to ZSO

Marked ‘Symposium’ in the Memo field

To either of the following

Jehan Bagli 703-16, Dallimore Circ., Toronto, ON M3C 4C4,

ph: 647 344 3531, 

Pervaze Rabadi 48, Monte Vista Trail, Brampton , ON L6Z 2G5

 Ph: 905 846 6177

Nozer Kotwal 4244,Taffey Cr. Mississauga ON L5L 2J2

Ph: 905 820 0461

Courtesy: Jehan Bagli