A Peep Into The Domestic Life Of The Parsis A Hundred Years Ago

P.N. Tavaria


  [This article is taken from a book “A Manual of Khshnoom” by P.N. Tavaria].

         Often people ask today, where has our “PARSIPANU” gone and what are the reasons of our gradual decline as an ethnic group? The simple answer is that we have discarded our own lofty tarikats and instead chosen to ape the Western Culture. Well read on and more importantly let us learn and imbibe something of our own past ways of life. – Editor]

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  • Thank you for this beautiful article. What a great pity that all the wonderful things that were done to preserve our religion have disappeared. People have become so westernised that they have forgotten our Zoroastrian religion completely – one example is people now do not wear sudreh and kusti because they believe it gets in the way of wearing so called fashionable clothes. From childhood I have worn my sudreh and kusti and will continue to do so. I still say my prayers and when reading the translation of the Vendidad, i have gained more knowledge about my beautiful religion. It is true that we can’t do what ladies used to 100 years ago when they had a period, but we should strive to do what we can in other ways to preserve our Zoroastrian religious traditions.

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