Where in lies real freedom real independence of humanity?

Difference in the Avestan and the present ideas about the same.


This article is taken from the book “Essential Origins of Zoroastrianism” (Pg 20-22)

By Dr. Framroze Chiniwalla


The Human Mind and Reason need Patha:

The human mind is beset with Druj activities. It fails in the nick of time. The human reason is also duped more than once. If the human mind and reason could have thought for themselves properly, then why should they have been born on this mundane earth? To allow it (the mind) to act as it wills shows only the allegiance to druj meaning the faults of the flesh, called ignorance and passions. A young man or woman free to act as he or she wills is only allowed to be powerfully and unremittingly imprisoned by conceit and defects.

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