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IVth Coming Together Roundtable




by Roshan Rivetna

What is The Coming Together Roundtable?

With migrations from the Indian subcontinent and Iran, mostly in the last half century, Zarathushtis are now a “Community Without Borders” spread all over the globe. Never before has there been a greater need to keep these pockets of Zarathushtis connected with each other and with the mother countries.  The Coming Together Roundtable (CTR) provides such a forum — to bring together Zarathushtis from around the world for information sharing, dialogue and action on matters of global import.  The format of the Roundtable is open and free flowing. There is no protocol, no hierarchy, and no authority.  It is a forum for any persons, especially those in leadership positions, to come together and work together for the growth and welfare of our Community. The basis for the CTR is firmly embedded in the concept of “Hamazor” – it is said that “Dialogue brings minds together and action brings hearts together.”


The CTR is a legacy of the Eighth World Zoroastrian Congress.  Becoming aware of the need for our Community to Come Together the organizers of that Congress, in London in 2005, enabled holding of the first CTR.   Since then, two succeeding ones have been held, in Mumbai in January 2007 and January 2008, at the Athornan Madressa in Dadar.


Click here to read the Article on the The IVth Roundtable ..  ctr_houston-31dec09_article 



CTR Tablehead – FEZANA President Bomi Patel, Firdosh Mehta, Rohinton Rivetna and Behram Pastakia


CTR Participants Left:  Parviz Varjavand, MP Dr. Esfandiar Ekhtiyari, Fariborz Rahnamoon, Khodayar Attaie, Natalie and Rusi Gandhi.  Back Jamshid Dindar and Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary.


CTR- Alayar Dabestani, Dr. Ekhtiyari, Rohinton Rivetna


CRT – Pheroze Kharas, Kersi Limathwalla, Percy Master


Fourth Coming Together Roundtable at the  Dar-e-Mehr and Cultural Center
in Houston  –  31st December 2008 – CTR – Group at ZHCC

Left to Right: Front row: Firdosh Mehta (Dallas); Minoo Shroff (India);  Jamshid Dindar (Iran); Rohinton Rivetna (Chicago); Natalie Vania (New York). Back Row: Rustom Engineer(Houston); Behram Pastakia (Washington DC); Dr. Esfandiar Ekhtiyari (Iran); Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary (Iran); Khodayar Attaie (Iran); Rusi Gandhi (New York).


Left to Right: CTR- Behram Pastakia, Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary (Iran); Khodayar Attaie (Iran); Jamshid Dindar (Iran)



Rustom Tirandaz, R.I.P.

Rustom Tirandaz, R.I.P.

The late Rustom Tirandaz, on the day he won the BPP election (October 2008), elated and determined to forge ahead…


On Republic Day (January 26), when one was at the lovely, lively annual concert of the Activity High School at Peddar Road, vivaciously put together by Principal Perin Bagli and her talented young students, in the crowd there was a lovable lion-in-winter, with his snowy beard and benign smile, Rustom Tirandaz, enjoying the foot-tapping dances with wife Armaity.

The next morning (January 27), he was summoned to a destination so far away that we’ve lost him forever. Rustomji surely had no idea on that Monday evening that these were the last few hours of his life – and neither did we, because we put off the urge to walk across during intermission to say hello, keeping it for another time. Alas!    ……More

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