An appeal for Roshan S Kakalia

An Appeal on Behalf of My Friend in need!


Dear Family & Friends,



This is an appeal on Behalf of one of my very good friend in Mumbai. His wife is recetly diagnosed of Curable cancer. Attached are her reports & the Appeal to Zoroastrian Brethren.



You can help in any way possible in your realm in form of money thru you or any zoroastrian trusts, Information or doctors reference or medical aid thru medical boards if known to you or your friends



Please spread this email to provide Sarosh  with any kind of help possible. Please also keep them in your prayers.


Click on the attachment for more details on Roshan’s condition and how you can help … appeal-for-roshan-s-kakalia


Forwarded by Khushrav D. Adenwalla

 Read the summarised synopsis as given by Sarosh K Kakalia by clicking here ..



    Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 09:11:42 +0300
    from :
    Dear All,

    This is regarding the very unfortunate case of Sarosh and Roshan Kakalia, who are friends of our cousin back in Bombay. Roshan, all of 23, and a mother of a 4 month old baby, has been diagnosed with curable blood cancer.

    Her husband Sarosh, has appealed to all for financial assistance to help save his wife’s life. As per all the doctors they have consulted so far, she needs Bone Marrow Transplant, within one month from now, at the latest. Unfortunately for them, her brother’s and cousins’ bone marrow was not a suitable match. The entire process of BMT from a random donor costs nothing less than 40 lakhs to a crore of rupees.

    They have applied to various trusts and charitable institutions, but are worried they will not be able to make up the final figure.

    It would be great if the Parsi community (and others too) in Bahrain could come forth, as they always have, to help this young Parsi couple out in their desperate time of need.

    Donations can be forwarded to either Kaizad or myself, and we will remit the collection to Sarosh. More details regarding this issue can be found in the attachment and the email appended below. I will be glad to answer any other questions that anyone may have.

    In anticipation of true Bawa generosity…..

    Kaizad and Behnaz Sanjana
    Monday, April 6, 2009 9:26:42 AM

    Good Day,

    Kindly find roshan’s latest update below wrt a second openion.
    This is the cost of the Bone Marrow Transplant alone. Chemo and other supportive drugs and tests are extra.

    Roshan is at home at present and we are searching for an institute where we can find the cheapest treatment possible.

    Any sort of help would be appreciated. Do get back.

    Warm Regards,
    Sarosh K Kakalia
    Wed, 1 Apr 2009 18:28:46 +0530

    Good Day,

    Thank you very much Dr S. Apte for the prompt reply.

    I will definately try and get your mail across to all, following all the advise. Will definately get back to you as soon as I am able to raise the funds as proposed by you. Also will try and get the liver biopsy and MLL test done, but the TATA hospital requires a letter from you. If you would be so kind enough to arrange that at the earliest I would be highly obliged.

    Once again thanks a lot for your second openion.

    Warm Regards,
    Sarosh K Kakalia

    Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 17:47:38 +0530
    Subject: Re: Patient:- Mrs Roshan S Kakalia

    dear Mr.Kakalia,

    I am sending this mail to put our points of discussion.

    In short Mrs.Kakalia has got Very high risk ALL.

    Parameters that make her high risk are as follows –
    1. MLL +ve ALL
    2.Very high WBC count at presentation.
    3. Failure to achieve CR on BFM-95 protocol.

    I would advise following –

    1. Switch over to HyperCVAD protocol. However the difficulty going to be elevated liver enzymes. I would do the liver biopsy to rule out ALL infiltrating the liver.

    2. She definitely needs ALLOGENEIC transplant

    a) To start the MUD search. If MUD is available then that is the best option.

    The approximate cost will be Rs.40 lakhs.

    b) Haplotransplant will be the next option.This will cost Rs.20lakhs

    3. If money is a big problem then, palliative treatment is the best option.

    with regards,

    On 3/27/09, SAROSH KAKALIA wrote:

    Good Day,

    Dr Apte, thank you very much for the clear cut advise you gave us yesterday.
    Kindly give me a detailed explanation of whatever we spoke about yesterday and our options in doing this treatment, the Hyper CVAD protocol involved along with its cost and the 3 different types of transplants along with their approximate cost, and the donor registrys that you mentioned for both MUD and Cord blood type.

    Also we are planning to do the Liver Biopsy as adivised by you for which we would like a referral letter from you.

    And we will also do the HLA typing of her first cousins and aunt and hope for the best.

    Kindly get back to me with these details as and when convinient.

    Thank you once again for all your advise and help.

    Warm Regards,
    Sarosh K Kakalia
    M:- +91 98208 31118
    Postal Address:
    7, Uranwalla Mansion
    Dr. Ambedkar Road,
    Parel T.T.
    Mumbai – 400 012.

  • On Wednesday, 29 July, 2009, 3:41 PM,
    Sarosh informs that Roshan has passed on to higher realms:
    May Ahura Mazda Bless her soul and take her into his loving abode.

    Good Day,

    Thank you for all your concrn and help. I am sorry to inform you that I wil not be requiring any further help as my wife has passed away and is here no more. She expired last saturday at 1610 LT. From now on its just me and my 7 month old son ERIC. Kindly pass this on to all the other organisations that you know, if you dont mind.

    Once again thank you very much for everything and a big GOD BLESS.

    Warm Regards,
    Sarosh K Kakalia
    M:- +91 98208 31118
    Email:- saroshkakalia@

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