Roshni Kavina

In Roshni’s words :


“I have been working in the field of advertising for 4 and a half years now and it has been quite a ride so far. Besides all the long hours of work we put in for our regular clients we get our real kicks by doing work purely keeping the awards in mind. Cause that’s where we get recognition and can really explore and exhibit our skills.


I love my work and I love challenges. The one thing I have learnt is that there is no substitute for hard work and hard work always pays off.”


Attached is a list of all her awards till now with  a picture of some of her trophies and the other ones are of Roshni at Cannes with her work.



my-trophies-me   my-awards   my-work-at-cannes   my-work-at-cannes-2


I’ve been sending work for the awards, both national and international since the past 3 years now and all 3 years I’ve been quite lucky, last year being the best. I was sent by my agency Saatchi & Saatchi to Cannes, to attend The Cannes Advertising Festival for a week and collect my award. I have 13 trophies and 18 merits, nominations so far. These include awards like The Cannes, The Oneshow, The Adfest and The Abby. These awards, merits and nominations also give me a good ratings as a creative person in India and also internationally.



  • hi rosh,
    was jus lookin’ around for a few of my old dpya classmates on this site and incidentally happened 2 find u over here. never knew anything about ur accomplishments in the world of advertising,feels really swell to see u wit all those awards, feel a sense of pride 2 see my childhood tutorial mate having done so much at quite a young age. atta gal, way to go! god bless ya…
    -ramesh shah


    Salut Roshni,
    it gives me immense pleasure to see u standing at cannes with a whole lot of trophies in your hand. After being placed in Saatch & Saatchi from Sophia, you have gone miles in 5 yrs. I always had the intution that you gonna do very well, because you are the most dynamic person i have come across. Now that you are on this journey, i want to wish you all the best and good luck in all your future endeavors.
    “may GOD SPEED you on your journey”. Love and Luck. Mady.


      Thanks a lot Mady, for your good wishes. My work is quite a ride indeed. Am sure your having a great time on all those fancy ships of yours and have gone a lot of places.
      love 🙂

      • Yes I have gone places for sure. Been at IIT Delhi to do my M TECH and now i am a research fellow at IITD and Stanford University USA. Presently training officers and also taking classes besides mentoring projects at IIT Delhi as a visiting faculty. Thanx for replying, i almost thought i wont speak with you again. feels nice to get back. Hope u r doin very well. I m at Jamnagar now. 09510740103. Send me a nice sms now 🙂
        Warm Regards !

  • Hi Roshni,
    Just curious,

    Did you study at Nowrosjee Wadia college, Pune?

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