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Dr. B F Chhapgar, marine animal expert


Someone had written about Dr. B F Chhapgar’s book, Seashore Life of India,
2008 earlier. It is sad to note that this tough Parsi gentleman has lost his
eyesight and is blind in both eyes. He now relies on voice recognition of
individuals. However, this does not deter Dr. Chhapgar from visiting the
BNHS regularly. He also wrote:
Marine Life of India, 2006
Fishes of India

Kiran Srivastava

Courtesy : Mehernosh P Fitter

Who was Who in Persian History

1) Zarathust / Zarathost / Zoroaster

Prophet Spitaman or Spetman Zarathust who preached, the first ever monotheist religion, was born in Iran, in the city of Rae, which was on the banks of river Durji, flowing from the mountain Jabar. His Mother Dogdo or Dugdowa. was also from Rae, but father Poursasp was from the western region of media province called Azarbaizan. He first preached his religion at the city of Balkh, during the reign of Kyanian King Goshtasp. Being from the Spitaman or ancestral family, was called spetman Zarthust. He was born on the day of Khordad Sal (Mah Farvardin, Roj Khordad) and was killed on Zarthust no Diso I.e..Mah Dae, Roj Khorshed) by Turani Sardar named Tur-bar-tur in the fire temple at the city of Balkh at the ripe age of 78.

2) Noshirwan

He was better known as Noshirwan-e-Adil and was the son of Kobad and 20th King of the Sassanian dynasty.His real name was Khusrav, but due to his righteous justice, he was called Noshirwan-e-Adil. He destroyed the followers of anti-Zoroastrian cult named ” Mazdak ” and ruled for 39 years.

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Mumbai, SSZ Conference, More Info

Further information of the Grand SSZ Conference of International Scholars of Avesta-Old and New, Pahlavi, Traditions and Rituals

Dates Nov 7th to 9th Nov 2009

Following scholars wil be presenting their latest research papers

Prof Helmut Humbach
Prof Wiliiam Malandra
Prof Jamsheed Choksey
Dasturji Kotwal
Dasturji JamaspAsha
Dasturji Mirza – Udwada High Priest
Ervard Dr Pir
Ervard Parvez Bajan
Khojeste Mistry
Ervard Dr Karanjia
Dr Pallan Ichaporia


The connefernce is FREE to attend

A great opportunity to hear great scholars of our religion

There will be a round table of young Navars /Martabs

Dr Pallan Ichaporia
Rohinton Rivetna
Ervard Parvez Bajan

Opportunities for Urban Youth Led Development


Grants of upto $5000/- available for Urban Development
(Donation from the Government of Norway).

Leaders of the project should be between 15 and 32 years of age.

Deadline for submission of grant proposal is 1 June 2009

Innovative employment, governance, and secure shelter, vocational training are priorities.
Health, Education, Environment projects are eligible.
The fund also promotes entrepreneurship.
Reaching out to women and promoting gender equality suggested.
Partnerships between governments, the private sector and non-governmental organizations encouraged.

For more information visit:

Application form

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