Knight Drivers

TINA and SHENAZ TREASURYVALA, two sisters from Bombay have set up a Knight Drivers service in which the drivers chauffeur you to any destination you wish (in and around Bombay) while you relax comfortably in the back seat of your own vehicle.  Your car is your comfort zone – familiar, clean and convenient.  The drivers are available 24×7.  In a city where cabbies and other drivers are often a law unto themselves and drunk driving is a major cause of fatalities  on Indian roads, Knight Drivers’ chauffeurs are ‘police-verified, married and have many years of experience,  They are reliable, affordable, convenient and safe.  PYT’s (pretty young things) who want to go out at night, don’t have a date and don’t want to depend on their male friends can call Knight Drivers says Tina.  “The response has been great.  People use our chauffeurs for business, air transfers, weekend getaways, weddings, children’s parties, clubbing.  We’ve had corporate calling us for drivers.  We are in the process of tying up with event management companies, night-clubs, etc.  Our desire is to build a lasting and genuine relationship with our clients.  We have over 50 drivers and we keep growing every day.”  The young entrepreneurs assert.  A day’s notice is required for a day driver.  Same day reservations are possible subject to availability.  For a night driver, calls should be made two hours prior to departure but before 11 p.m. Knight Drivers are available on 9769334455

Courtesy : Parsiana October 21, 008

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