Fasli Muktad and Prayers



Jamshedi Navroze starts on 20th March 2009 at 5.15pm IST when Sun enters the Sign of Aries.


[Since the Sun enters Aries (Mesh Rashi) on 20th evening at 5.17 pm, humdins can start praying their Navroze nu Bhantar 33 minutes after this time, i.e.5.50 pm. 3 Khorshed Niayesh + 1 Meher Niayesh to be completed before Sunset.]


 10 days before Navroze is the Fasli Muktad called Tackchian. This is the time that Anoshe Ravans who are otherwise busy cleaning their Kerdars on the Dakhyus come down to the earth for 10 days thus requiring our praises. When they receive our praises in the form of prayers recited in their honour they depart happily and bless the home and its occupants. The list of prayers to be recited during these 18 days is as given in the attachments.


1. The first day is the day of Welcome known as Ijjan no divas which is Fasli Roj Ashishavang – 10th March.

2. The next 5 days are the first 5 days of the Muktad Roj Ashtad to Roj Aneran – 11th – 15th March.

3. The next 5 days are the Gatha days also known as the Hamaspathemedam Ghambhar. Gatha Ahunavad to Gatha Vahishtoish. 16th- 20th March.

4. 21st March is Fasli Roj Hormazd Mah Fravadin – day of Navroze.

5. Next 6 days i.e. 22- 27th March Roj Bahman to Roj Amardad for the 7 Ameshaspands


Total 18 day period Muktad. Prayers to be recited on each Roj are marked by alphabets A-K.




The prayers that have to be recited are given in the attachment as per the day. The Ejjan / Ijjan Manthra is given in a seperate attachment with notes.This is to be prayed on the first day.




The Lakh nu bhantar is to be prayed for all the first 10 days in any geh combined. A total of 570 Yatha + 210 Yenghe Hatam + 120 Ashem per day for all the 10 days Roj Ashtad to Gatha Vahishtoish.


Since on Navroze day Malefic currents of Asere Tariki are absent and munificence is drawn from the heavens above it is beneficial to recite sets of Khorshed-Meher Niayesh as shown.


Vahishtoish Gatha Gah Uziren, time 5.45 pm on set to be recited i.e. 3 Khorshed Niayesh + 1 Meher Niayesh to be completed by 6.45 pm.

Roj Hormazd, Geh Havan, (3 Khorshed Niayesh + 1 Meher Niayesh + 1 Vispa Humata) x 3 times

Roj Hormazd Geh Rapithvan (3 Khorshed Niayesh + 1 Meher Niayesh) x 2 times


” USHTA NO ZATO ATHRAVA YO SPITAMA ZARATHUSHTRA” from Fravadin Yasht,- 101 Tasbi on Roj Khordad, birth of our Paigambar Saheb. Meaning: Happiness for us that the Athravan (Priest) Spitama Zarathushtra is born.


Behram P Dabhar

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