Lord Mandelson at Zartoshty Brothers Hall

Lord Mandelson at Zartoshty Brothers Hall, Zoroastrian Centre on 11 May 2009

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We are delighted to announce that our local MP and minister Mr Gareth Thomas has arranged for businessmen and professionals to meet Lord Peter Mandelson, the Secretary of State for Business. The subjects to be discussed will focus on the current economic climate and steps taken or to be taken by the government to facilitate business.
The Inter-active meeting has been scheduled for 5.30 pm on Monday 11 May 2009. Attendance is by invitation only. Several communities in North London have been invited to send delegations to this meeting.
ZTFE and WZCC UK are very pleased to provide the facilities of the Zartoshty Brothers Hall for this event. WZCC UK Founder and prominent Zoroastrian industrialist Lord Bilimoria is expected to participate in this event.
WZCC UK members are requested to register their interest and secure their invitations by emailing secretary@ztfe.com as soon as possible. They will be sent further details in due course. 
We are also trying to secure some invitations for our youth. Please register your interest and we shall try our best to accommodate students of business studies and above all, young businessmen and professionals.
Shernaz Engineer

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