Avan Ardvisoor

Water is the condensation of Yazatic Light of Ahura Mazda, Avan Ardvisoor


Below is given an extract from Parsi Pukar (Vol. 12; No.1)


“Ava(n) Ardvisur is a Yazata, i.e. one of the major 33 Rays of Ahura’s own Light. She is a Naari (female) Yazata. She emerges from Ahura Mazda’s Divine “Sphere” of Light, passes through the Divine Regions, enters as a subtle energy in the non-physical part of Ahura’s Creation and ultimately takes up the form of water (H2O) on earth. Water has, hidden in it, powerful physical and ultra physical energies as also Ahura’s divine Light. The energies are named as “Fraado.” They are classified in six technical names : Aadoo Fraado, Vanthvo Fraado, Gaetho Fraado, Shaeyto Fraado, Jantoo Fraado and Dangha-oo Fraado. These are sometimes stated as six kinds of “electricities”; but they are much subtler and beyond the electricity of our experience, which lights our bulbs and furnaces and computers. The six Fraados are the unobservable forces and energies that work behind several processes in nature like washing away the dirt, quenching our thirst, growing of the trees, reproduction of life-species, taking us nearer to Ahura, and several other functions.”

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