Learning Zoroastrianism the Fun Way

Dear Friends,
Last year in April, you attended our annual workshop at Alexandra School, on “Learning Zoroastrianism the Fun Way”.  We hope that you enjoyed the experience and are keen to participate once again.
This year our workshop is on Sunday, 26th April 2009.  [Please see attachment for details]. alexandra-school-workshop_2009
We will be doing the Adar Ruz nu parab for you to experience and we will perform on stage parts of the Navjote ceremony to explain to you the importance of the Sudreh Kusti.  There will also be a treasure hunt for the juniors and a another treasure hunt for seniors based on clues and riddles.  So join us for a Fun Day at Alexandra School.
We hope that you will join in with the fun and games and that you will make lots of new friends and have a wonderful time.
It’s the Time to be Happy  so Hurry up & Register with us!!
Firoza Punthakey Mistree

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