Dr. B F Chhapgar, marine animal expert


Someone had written about Dr. B F Chhapgar’s book, Seashore Life of India,
2008 earlier. It is sad to note that this tough Parsi gentleman has lost his
eyesight and is blind in both eyes. He now relies on voice recognition of
individuals. However, this does not deter Dr. Chhapgar from visiting the
BNHS regularly. He also wrote:
Marine Life of India, 2006
Fishes of India

Kiran Srivastava

Courtesy : Mehernosh P Fitter

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  • Ekhlas M.M.Abdel Bary

    I was recently given a gift from an ex student Marinlife in India by the author published in 2006. Someone completed a Manuscript on crustaceans in the Gulf and I suugested that it be sent to Dr. Chhapgar
    for reviewing and I promissed to did out the address only few moments ago. I am shocked to learn of his losing his sight.
    I am a botanist among a group of zoologists and marine biologists and involved in their work.
    Hope he is well otherwise and he should continue to enjoy life

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