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The Northernmost Zoroastrian Fire‐Temple in the World


The Caucasus is a land of diverse population and beliefs. Today, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Yazidis live in cities and villages in the valleys and gorges of the region. One religion that had a strong impact on ancient Armenia, Georgia, and the Republic of Azerbijan was Zoroastrianism. While the sources and views of Zoroastrianism are mainly from its homeland, Iran, Zoroastrianism also flourished in the Caucasus in conjunction with the local, native religions of the region.

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Courtesy : Khursheed Irani

Grand Conference of Society of Scholars of Zoroastriansim at Mumbai


Grand Conference of Society of Scholars of Zoroastriansim at Mumbai Nov 6th to Nov 8th 2009

Following scholars will be presenting their papers at the Grand Conference in Mumbai

The subects covered will be from Avesta -Old & New, Pahlavi, Persian Rivayest and Parsi, Irani Zoroastrains History, Traditions

Prof Helmut Humbach
Prof Willaim Malandra
Prof Jamsheed Choksy
Prof Almut Hinze
Dr Pallan Ichaporia
Dasturji Firoze Kotwal
Dasturji JamaspAsa
Dasturji Pesotan Mirza of Udwada
Khojeste Mistree
Ervard Pervaz Bajan
Ervard Rohinton Pir
Ervard Ramyar Karanjia
Dr. Homi Dhalla

BPP is also cosponsoring this Grand Conference. It is expected that over 500 people will attend

The Venue is Banaji Atash Behram Hall
The Conference is free to attend

Courtesy : Pallan Ichaporia  / Cyrus Bulsara