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India, Iran to hold seminar on Iran and Zoroastrianism
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TEHRAN — The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) and India’s Cama Oriental Institute are to hold a seminar on Iran and Zoroastrianism on April 27.

ICRO International Department Director Khalaj Monfared recently discussed the issue with Cama Oriental Institute President M.N.M. Cama and.

Homai N. Modi, the trustee and secretary of the institute, who was also attended the session, gave a brief review of the programs of the seminar.

Several Indian historians are scheduled to deliver speeches at the seminar.

Monfared suggested that Iranian scholars travel to India for future seminars.

The proposal to hold one seminar in India and one in Iran annually was also brought up at the meeting.

Commenting to the millennial anniversary of the Shahnameh in 2010, Monfared said that Iran is currently helping to organize a cultural week at the Cama institute for February 2010, in which Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi and several other Shahnameh experts are scheduled to give lectures.

The possibility of the Cama institute and ICRO collaborating to arrange a seminar on the role of Indian Persians in the promotion of Iranian culture was also discussed.


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