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Dadar Parsi Colony

This may  interest those  who lived  in  the DPC.  Probably it has a  picture
of the  building you once  stayed in.  Or  like me, may be surprised finding a bench dedicated in the memory of a dear  uncle & aunt. Fifty years ago, I was there with them for a  short time. It was beautiful then.

Jer & Commander Noshir D. Irani,  –Parents of  Gool, Mahrukh, Ivy & (forgot her name as I write) –lived near the band stand.  Noshir was the cousin of Dinshaw J. Irani, ( Songs of the Gathas ) and also the uncle of  Prof. Kaikushroo D. Irani of  New  York.

May I request  you guys  “Down Under” who  know  Gooloo Shiraz Katrak to pass on the links to her.  I do not have her current email address.

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji

Click on each picture to see a bigger view

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