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YLEP – Program “Trusts & Funds”

Youth Leadership Enhancement Program




 Dear Well Wishers of the Community,


The Youth Leadership Enhancement Program-India (YLEP), a brainchild of the World Zoroastrian Congress committee, has, in its bid to assist Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians across India seeking medical and educational assistance from charitable trusts/funds, developed a comprehensive online database system for applicants and organizations. 


Our current system of applications and funding is primarily paper-based and has applicants sending multiple versions of similar paperwork to numerous trusts in a bid to seek financial assistance. There is also little or no inter-trust communication, especially those spread across different Indian cities. Our project attempts to gather multiple need-specific trusts under a larger umbrella for easy access and functioning. This cohesive online platform is intended to:

ü      Allow all applicants, regardless of geographical location, fill out one master application instead of several individual ones for various trusts.

ü      Permit trusts access to applicant information, including aid being received from other agencies.

ü      Encourage intrinsic transparency from the applicants (whose information will be physically verified at a later stage by the trust in question) and accountability on the part of the trusts.

ü      Ensure that applications, admittedly many in number, do not slip through the cracks.

ü      Reduce chances of duplicity and fraud by putting into place an electronic system to track and number each application.


We have met and gained the consent of key trust officials, who are willing to implement the online system and have agreed to this in writing. The design of the database has incorporated their suggestions and requirements. Our end goal is to create a sustainable and tamper-proof online network that aids the efficacy of the funding and application processes, thereby helping members of our community. This is our Team’s contribution toward our vision of a community working together for its development and growth.


We have offered our time, effort and creative energies to this cause entirely free of cost, but we do need to appropriately compensate our vendors who have so have generously donated time and manpower to visualizing and physically creating the database. It is toward this end that we appeal to your generosity and request financial assistance to cover costs. Our current target is

Rs. 3,50,000/-, inclusive of vendor fees, training costs and promotional expenses. All administrative costs are borne entirely by Team India.


We look up to you  to assist our project, please do contact me at +919820319924 or Freyaz Shroff at +919892273973 or


Thank you for your time and attention.

For YLEP Team India,

 Manek Kalyaniwalla( 25th May 2009)


Zoroastrian Youth Lifeskills Workshop

Zoroastrian Youth Lifeskills Workshop – July 14-19, 2009
Hi All,
We are organizing a Zoroastrian Youth Lifeskills Workshop in Toronto, Canada from July 14 – 19, 2009.  Please check out our website and sign up for the workshop.  Also please pass the word on to your local youth and associations.
Facebook group:
If you have questions please email us:
Objective of the Workshop:
As Zoroastrian youth make the transition to college/university or careers many aspects of their lives change. The Zoroastrian Youth Lifeskills Workshop aims to provide high school seniors and recent graduates with a s mall set of necessary skills that they can use in their College/University years. They will also have an opportunity to bond with other Zoroastrian youth and build friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.
The Early Bird Rate of $212 CAD is available till June 15 2009.
After June 15th the Regular Rate is $260 CAD.
Please register at
The Zoroastrian Youth Lifeskills Workshop is a WZO Youth Leadership Enhancement Project. The organizing committee is: Mantreh Atashband, Ferzeen Chapgar, Afreed Mistry and Shahrukh Tarapore. Please direct all questions to

“Never refuse any advance of friendship, for if nine out of ten bring you nothing, one alone may repay you..”  ~ Madame de Tencin.


Hi everyone,

Thank you for promoting this event. Please remember that the registration fee is inclusive of:

– All Workshop sessions and materials. Three breakfasts, lunches and dinners
– Sunday brunch.
– Transportation to the evening event on July 16th.

*Price excludes ferry cost of CDN $7 to Centre Island and lunch on July 18th.

We will also coordinate host families for delegates outside the region.





Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

Possible flood at Mumbai

Dear All

Valuable input from BMC is being circulated for your information.

Floods – 2009 : Mumbai

Floods in Mumbai are attributable to simultaneous occurrence of rainfall and high tides. If, the rainfall is in excess of 200 mm in a day (24 hrs), floods can occur anytime irrespective of tides. However, if there is moderate rainfall but the tide is in excess of 4.50 meters at the same time, the city of Mumbai is sure to get flooded.

Accordingly, heavy floods are anticipated on the following days in Mumbai, if there is excessive rainfall at the time of high tides, since the tides are extremely high on these days: –

Date    Day    Time    Height of Tide (Meters)  
24 June 2009    Wednesday    1:41 PM    4.95   
25 June 2009    Thursday        2:24 PM    4.97   

23 July 2009    Thursday         1:23 PM    5.01   
24 July 2009    Friday             2:03 PM    5.05   
25  July 2009    Saturday        2:43 PM    4.94   

BMC has already planned to keep the schools closed on 24 July 2009 since the tide level is record high of last 100 years on this day.

Mumbaites are, therefore, requested to cooperate with the administration by restricting their movements and certainly not to take their vehicles out on the roads these days.

There are speculations about very high waves on 22 July 2009 due to solar eclipse.
Public should, therefore, keep away from the beaches that day.

Also, please advise your friends and relatives outside Mumbai not to plan a trip to Mumbai around these days.


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