Weekend getaway for Zarathushti singles

Dear Friends,
I am posting this on behalf of Rukshan and Jehaangir Bulsara of White Lake, Ontario. Do visit the website to see the photos of the cottage and the activities. This is a wonderful offer and a great way to meet people
Dolly Dastoor,
Montreal, Quebec

Hello Everyone,
The Bulsaras are hosting another Youth Weekend at their cottage.  This time, the participant age group is 25 – 40 years!!!  Please pass this message on to your Zoroastrian contacts.  Some pictures of past Youth Weekends are attached.  We would love to see participants from Ontario, Quebec, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, etc. Be sure to plan a trip top Cornwall, as that is our next outing; beach, walks and beautiful scenery. More information coming soon!

–          Swimming, Boating, Water skiing, Wakeboarding, Fishing (only trolling reels are permitted), Seadooing, Hiking, Campfires, Canoeing, Volleyball, Ping pong, Foosball, Air hockey, Chess, scrabble and other games

–          25 – 40 year age group
–          Friday evening to Monday noon September 4th to 7th     (LABOUR DAY WEEKEND)
–          Cottage facilities provided free of charge
–          Boats, Canoes, Seadoo, sports equipment supplied free of charge
–          Supervision by JB/RB – of course – free of charge!
–          Everyone to share in the cost of meals (which is usually about $75 – $100 Canadian)
–          Min 10 participants, Max 20

This is an opportunity to interact with each other, make new friends, enjoy the great outdoors, & learn some new outdoor skills.

The Bulsaras can assist with the transportation arrangements to and from the cottage, but the participants will be ultimately responsible for the cost of the transportation.  For those out of province or country, the participants would minimally need to make their way to Ottawa, Canada.  From there Bulsaras will assist with transport by vehicle.  For Ontarians, the participants should try to make it directly to the cottage by vehicle, or to the villages of Portland or Smiths Falls by bus/train.  Voyageur Colonial Bus to Portland and Via Rail train service to Smiths Falls is available between Ottawa and Toronto.   The Bulsaras can provide one pick-up from Smiths Falls and Portland.

All the accommodations will be in the Bulsara cottage.  Please click on website below to see cottage pictures and directions.

RSVP Jehaangir or Rukshan ASAP!!!!  1-613-731-9245 or jb@roofmaster.net

Cel: 613-371-8273 RB
Cel: 613-371-8271 JB
Tel: 613-521-0088 Office
Fax: 613-521-9996

Dolly Dastoor

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