WZO Activities Report 2008

A comprehensive Report of the activities of WZO for the year 2008

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Fashion Show – Calling for Models for ZAGBA’s 25 anniversary celebrations

Calling all models! If you are looking for an easy way to be involved in the 25th anniversary planning, here is one. July’s celebration will feature a short fashion show and we want you in it. Participation will involve attendance at three rehearsals and a walk on stage in your own best outfit (or we can provide one) – easy and guaranteed fun! Either volunteer yourself, your clothes, or both! Can’t decide? Email us and we’ll help you figure out how to get involved. 🙂

Depending on your role in the show, we will need you for rehearsals on the following dates (see below for a description of the roles):

June 7, morning: Opening and Iranian Models only
June 7, afternoon: Milk Story Models only
June 13, afternoon: Indian Models only
July 19, afternoon: All Models
July 24: All Models — Final Run-through
July 25: Performance!

If you would like to join, please email zagbafashionshow@gmail.com with the “role” you would like to play and/or the outfits you can lend. Please also include your phone number. If you would like to walk with your spouse/significant other, please also indicate that.

Sign up ASAP and by May 25!

Wherever they have gone, Zarathushtis have simultaneously adopted the dress of surrounding cultures and created their own unique fashions. The “collections” of the fashion show will celebrate this versatility and multicultural spirit, while paying homage to the pride of being Zarathushti.

1) Opening: Depiction of discovery of fire.
Need: Man dressed as Hoshang (discoverer of fire).
2) Iranian Collection: Traditional and modern Iranian attire.
Need: Men and women in Iranian ethnic wear.
3) Milk Story Collection: What our Zarathushti forefathers and foremothers wore — fashion unique to Zarathushtis.
Need: Men and Women in old Persian and Parsi attire. Think: your grandparents’ clothes — long, layered colorful skirts and headscarves, baggy trousers, dhuglis and fetos, “vintage” saris/garas and white sari blouses, long long sudrehs. We also need a man dressed as a Mobed.
4) Indian Collection: Traditional and Modern Indian attire.
Need: Men and women in Indian ethnic wear.
5) US: Formation of Boston Zarathushti community and birth of ZAGBA.
6) Closing: Depiction of ZAGBA today.
Please let us know if you have any questions — and sign up! 🙂

With Best Wishes,
Karishma, Mehernush, and Roshni



Courtesy :Behram Pastakia

12th North American Zoroastrian Youth Congress

12th North American Zoroastrian Youth Congress

 The ZYNA Co-Chairs are happy to announce
the 12th North American Zoroastrian Youth Congress
from July 1-5 2009,
in Fremont California. 
Dates of Congress:
July 1 – 5, 2009 in Fremont, California
(Entertainment, Meals, Workshops, Dance, Trip to San Francisco)
$250  Feb 15 – April 15 
$300 April 16 – June 15
$350  June 16 onwards
$400  on site
Open to all Zoroastrian young adults 15-4 0 years.
To Register for the event please visit this address:
Tentative Program:
**Registration Subsidy for FEZANA Member Associations
The FEZANA Board has approved the subsidy of $100/- per participants (up to 200 participants) for the 2009 ZYNA congress with20the following terms.
– Participants should register on or before May 15th. at rates advertised
– Have to be members of FEZANA Member Associations or Small Groups who are corresponding Members  with FEZANA
– Should be of age between 15-30 years (on or before July 1, 2009)
– Participants from local associations (ZANC and PZO) will be eligible for 50% of subsidy, as they will not incur travel cost.
Subsidy amount will be reimbursed to participants at the congress after
1)      Validating proof of date of birth
2)      Letter signed by the President or FEZANA Representative confirming participant’s membership of FEZANA Member Associations or Small Groups who are correspo nding Members with FEZANA.
Fremont Marriot $64 /per night + taxes (up t o 4 guests) until June 1.
Hotel Reservation (800) 228-9290 or (510) 413 3700 (ZYNA)
Car Rental: 
Additional discount for ZYNA congress participants, use promotion code (AWD) G028286
Fly in to San Jose (SJC) or San Francisco (SFO) by American Airlines. For additional 10% discount use promotion code A2869BA.  Discount valid for travel from June 28-July 8, 2009.
Contact Information about the Congress –
(630) 468-2705 or admin@fezana.org 


Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

World Digital Library Project


World Digital Library Project
‘The World Digital Library makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from cultures around the world, including manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, prints, photographs, architectural drawings, and other significant cultural materials. The objectives of the World Digital Library are to promote international and inter-cultural understanding and awareness, provide resources to educators, expand non-English and non-Western content on the Internet, and to contribute to scholarly research.’


Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

Grants Available

(Applicants in all countries)

Youth Service America and Disney are pleased to offer the Disney Minnie Grants to fund children’s efforts to improve their communities. These grants of USD500 are for c hildren (ages 5-14) or the organizations that engage them, to implement youth-led service projects that address the issues of Poverty, Hunger, Education, Environment, Global Citizenship, Sustainable Community Development, and Disaster Prevention amp; Relief.

Projects will take place in the months of September-November 2009.

Apply online at www.ysa.org/awards

Accepting applications:  April-June 15, 2009.


  • Children (ages 5-14); or
  • Older youth (ages 15-25) who design a project that engages children (ages 5-14) as volunteers; or

Recognized groups/organizations who engage younger youth (ages 5-14) as volunteers. The term “youth” is equivalent to “young people, including children”. For this grant, children (ages 5-14) should have a significant part in planning and implementing the service project.

Questions?  Email MinnieGrant@ysa.org

Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

Farohar Islands & Egyptian Connection

Like Dubai building the  Palms shaped islands in the  Persian Gulf, Iran is going to build a new island near Bushehr in Persian Gulf, based on the “national symbol” of Fravahr. This will cover an area of 6,200,000 square meter.

I ask  my self a FRAVAHR  a NATIONAL SYMBOL  of Iran ? Isn’t that a great  recognition of a non-Islamic something.


Talking of the Farohar,  last  December  when  visiting  some of the museums of London & Paris undertaken to initiate my 20 years old grandson about  of our heritage, we came across Farohar shaped figures on the  caskets of the  Egyptian mummies.  Any information on the possible  connection? Here are the pics.

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji


GAZDARS OF GANDEVI. The surname GAZDAR amongst PARSIS, started in the 18th. century. During that period, the WADIAS had come to Bombay, to construct docks for the PORT of BOMBAY, and build sailing vessels, for the EAST INDIA CO. For this purpose they needed plenty of timber.This timber was obtained from the forest of DANG, near GANDEVI and BILLIMORIA in Gujarat. The Parsis of GANDEVI owned vast stretches of this forest, and used to supply timber to the WADIAS at Bombay. This timber had to be measured and cut to different sizes, as required by the purchasers. For measuring they used a yard long scale, which was called a GAZ, and also used a rope called DOR, for measuring lengths longer than a yard. Several Parsis of GANDEVI were engaged in this measuring process, and just because they used GAZ and DOR for this purpose, they were called GAZ-DORS. Gradually, they adopted the surname GAZDAR. Amongst the famous GAZDARS of Bombay, is JAMSHEDJI. GAZDAR who was once President of the INDIAN MERCHANTS’ CHAMBER. JAMSHEDJI JIVANJI GAZDAR, passed M.A. from ELPHINSTON COLLEGE, Bombay, in 1867, and then went to England to become a barrister in 1870. He practiced there only, and returned to Bombay in1892. He was made a FELLOW of BOMBAY UNIVERSITY, and theMAHA-RAJA of BHAVNAGAR, appointed him as his state’s CHIEF JUSTICE. In 1900, he became the REGISTRAR of BOMBAY HIGH COURT.

Courtesy : Minocher Damania