Iran’s ancient water system registered on UNESCO World Heritage List

Iran’s ancient water system of canals, tunnels and waterfalls in Shushtar was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the UNESCO website reported on June 26.
Courtesy : K.F.Keravala

Financial Help for Economically Poor Students

Financial Help for Economically Poor Students > 80% scorere in SSC

If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year (April 2009) and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact the NGO-Prerana (supported by Infy foundation).

The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help for their further studies.

Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form :
#580,shubhakar,44th cross,1st ‘A’ main road,jayanagar 7th block
Bangalore-mob no- 9900906338(saraswati)
Mr.Shivkumar(9986630301)- Hanumanthnagar office
Ms.Bindu(9964534667)-Yeshwantpur office

Very useful especially for 10th passed meritorious students/their family members.

Even if you dont know anyone, please pass on this info, some one might be in need of this help desperately.

Courtesy : Rusi Mistry / Meher Amalsad / Dolly Dastoor

Repairs to 104 yr old Fire Temple at Hyderabad

Dear Members,
Have received an appeal from the Bai Maneckbai Nusserwanji Chenoy Fire Temple located at Tilak Road, Hyderabad. The 104 year old fire temple is one of the 3 fire temples of Hyderabad and is in need of extensive repairs. Attached is a scanned copy of the appeal.  Appeal_Hyderabad Agyari

Request All Members to contribute towards this cause.

You may send Cheques/ DDs in favour of “BMNCTrust Fund”

Aaftaab Vakil

Food Pilgrimage to Udvada

Kunal Vijaykar (Foodie – Times Now)  travels to Udvada, a place around 250 kms away from Mumbai, which is of religious significance for the Parsi community. They say every Parsi should, once in a lifetime,  go to Udvada. Foodie goes to the place on a food pilgrimage.

Part I – The Parsi Dhabha – Urvaksh Hoyvoy – Click Here

Part II – Globe Hotel – Zenobia Sidhwa – Click Here

Part III – Hormazd Bakery – Jehanbux Motiwalla- Click Here

Appeal for Donations


c/o. Mrs. Zareen Jimmy Engineer 623, Marker Mansion, Lady Jehangir Road, Parsi Colony, Dadar, Mumbai-400 014.

Our Fund was established in 1969; has made steady progress. Our financial year ended 31.3.2009. Educational Aid Disbursed was Rs. 18,00,900/- to 698 students (Last year Rs. 13,90,000/- to 593 students) who are poor and deserving boys and girls of the Parsi community from Mumbai, Surat, Navsari, Pune and other parts of India.

Our establishment expenses are kept to the bare minimum of Rs. 22,529 (Last year Rs. 22,731) for inevitable expenses which works out to 1.37% (Last year 1.40%) of our total income of Rs. 16,39,028 (Last year Rs. 16,22,287).

Our Fund was able to disburse higher quantum of Educational Aid solely due to receipt of general donation of Rs.7,91,503.

Our Fund has received Corpus Donation of Rs. 4.67 lakhs compared to last year Rs. 12.94 I akhs. This Corpus Donation is invested in approved securities and only the income derived from such investments are to utilized for giving Education Aid.

On our Investment of Rs. 94,24,490 interest received was Rs. 8,43,475/-. Last year on investment of Rs. 89,69;683/­interest received was Rs. 7,05,907.

We firmly believe that educating our young people is the most essential factor in the progress of our community. We, therefore, count upon our generous donors to give us substantial general or corpus donations that will enable us to grant maximum amount of Educational Aid to poor. and deserving students to meet the ever increasing cost of education.

Kindly draw your cheques in favour of Mancherji Joshi Memorial Education Fund & forward them to the above address.

All donations will be promptly acknowledged.

Mrs. Zareen J. Engineer Grand daughter of The Late Mancherji Joshi, Founder to Parsi Colony, Dadar.  ….. Ms. Katy R. Bharucha Barrister-at- Law,



Mancherji Joshi Memorial Education Fund and

Seth Sorabji Pestonji Katpitia Trust

Invites application from Parents/Guardians of poor and deserving Parsi and Iranian Zoroastrian Students, studying in Schools from K. G. to Standard 10th, College, Post Graduate studies in any other specialized colleges or in any Vocational institutions for their fees, etc.

Application Forms can obtained from the following Committee Members, on payment of Rs.5/-

1.  Boys must approach – Mrs. Zareen J. Engineer 623, Marker Mansion, Lady Jehangir Road, Parsi Colony, Dadar, Mumbai-400014.

2.  Girls must approach -Ms. Katy R. Bharucha 617, Ahunavar, Jame Jamshed Road, Parsi Colony, Dadar, Mumbai-400014.

All Parents/Guardians staying in Surat City or District should apply for Application Forms and submit completed Application Forms to our representative of Surat – Shri Phirdaus J. Dutia, Superintendent, Parsi Boys Orphanage, Shahpore, Surat – 395 003