Tajikistan, Flag, Zoroastrian Symbols

Tajikistan flag
Tajikistan’s president, Emomali Rahmonov, has promoted Tajikistan’s awareness of its
Zoroastrian and Aryan roots in his book The Tajiks In The Mirror of History.
This awareness has lead to the incorporation of Zoroastrian symbolism in its flag.

The seven stars in the center of the flag represent the seven Amesha Spentas.
The crown (taj in Persian and Tajik)
represents both the name of the people and country as well as the Samanid crown.

While the green, white and red have other professed meanings,
red and white are traditional colours connected with Zoroastrianism
(see page 4) while green represents nature and creation.
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Courtesy : Meher Amalsad

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