Special Microfinance Scheme from Zoroastrian Bank

The Zoroastrian Co-op. Bank Ltd. (ZCBL) has announced a Special MicroFinance Scheme for Entrepreneurs. Under this scheme, a special MicroFinance Fund of Rs.5 crores has been set up, out of which they will be financing Entrepreneurs, to help them set up a new business / service / profession or enhance their existing ventures. The lending will be in the form of a Term Loan upto a maximum amount of Rs.10 lakhs per borrower, for setting up business/for equipments, machinery, furniture etc. Margin will be fixed on case to case basis depending on the financial status of the applicant. Click here for more details – http://enterprisers.in/2009/06/03/special-microfinance-scheme-from-zoroastrian-bank/

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