Zoroastrian Stree Mandal – Secunderabad & Hyderabad

22nd June 2009


Dear fellow Zarthoshti,

The Zoroastrian Stree Mandal, Hyderabad and Secunderabad, is a charitable institution, affiliated to the Indian Council of Social Welfare. It has for long been involved in the cause of upliftment of Zoroastrians in the lower strata of society.  The Mandal close to five decades now, has been relentless in its work for the Parsis of the Twin Cities, where most of their activities are centered, and thanks to efforts made by the Mandal, it is with a feeling of pride and satisfaction that they can claim that no person needy of anything will have to go without it for the lack of finances.  Be it monthly ration supplies, educational assistance or medical expenses, it is all taken care of by the Mandal and not only financial support, even the ever important emotional, psychological and moral support is provided wherever and by whoever it is required.

The Mandal is very ably managed by a team of volunteers under the stewardship of Mrs. P.P. Nalladaru as the President [Telephone No. (040) 27846578], Mrs. P.R. Katrak as the Vice President, Mrs. A.K. Wadia as the Hon. Secretary and Mrs. H.K. Patel as the Hon. Treasurer.

Though the Mandal concentrates most of their activities in the Twin Cities, they have never shied away from contributing to needy causes anywhere in the country, which are brought to their notice, or giving generously, to the best of their abilities, for national calamities and disasters.  The Mandal also donates regularly to various social organization like the Spastic Society of India.  Lok Kalyan Samiti, Home for the Aged, Manasvi etc.

As is a known fact, to be able to keep up, especially in today’s trying times, with all the beneficiary activities, funds become a major source of concern.  The Mandal does their innovative fund raising activities in the form of jumble sales, sale of cook books, raffles, fetes and charity premieres, at regular intervals.

This year, as the Zoroastrian Stree Mandal enters its 50th year, they would like to invite donations from all trusts, organizations and philanthropists who would be able to help build on its corpus, so that enough income is generated to pay for their activities and causes, and strengthen the foundation which was laid fifty years ago, so that future generations may continue to work towards the cause and help benefit deserving citizens of the community.

Parsis have been the pioneers in philanthropist activities, and the Mandal is sanguine in the knowledge that they will definitely get the help and support they need for their cause, from all over the country and outside, and it is their humble request that you contribute towards it to the best of your ability.

Kindly send your donations by crossed account payee cheques/demand draft favouring “Zoroastrian Stree Mandal, Secunderabad and Hyderabad.”

The cheques may be sent directly to:-



Zoroastrian Stree Mandal

62 Ishaq Colony



Tel:- (Res.) (040) 27846578



Chartered Accountant

27 Raghava Ratna Towers

Chirag Ali Lane



Tel :- (Off.) (040) 23201157 / 23204227     

(Res.) (040) 27755333

Mobile:- 098490-95530

 E-Mail:- jehangirbisney@hotmail.com

 With best regards,


 P.S. I would request you to kindly forward this e-mail to your friends/relatives/organizations who you feel could contribute to this worthy cause.

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