Tata Second Career Internship Program for Women

#  Begun in June 2008, Tata SCIP is a career transition management programme for professionals
# Tata SCIP is not a job. It is an intermediary programme aimed at developing alternative talent pools in traditional/non-traditional formats and facilitating career transitions
# Tata SCIP II, once again focuses on women professionals who have taken a career break but offers an extended opportunity in terms of professional categories
# Tata Group companies provide live business projects covering approx 500 hours engagement spread over 6 months on a flexi time basis

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Fire Temple Blessings


In our Zoroastrian religion, the ten day period between Astad Roj of Asfandarmad Mahino and the last day of the five gathas is reserved for the Muktad, the ceremonial prayers in memory of our departed relatives and friends. All the Atash Behrams and Agiarys and places of worship set up marble-top tables, one for each departed soul in whose memory the prayers are to be recited, with fresh flowers, fruits, ceremonial eatables, a divo and a prayer book with the names. The priests are given the task of reciting the prayers at a given time.

A visit to a Fire Temple during this period is a wonderful experience indeed. The place is full of the pure fragrance of the sukhad-loban and the sound of priests reciting the prayers in loud melodious voices. Large numbers of devotees attend these prayers and the whole atmosphere is festive yet solemn. People greet one another and meet in memory of the loved ones who have departed from us but who are believed to return to our plane for this short period. Some people even set up the Muktad tables in their own homes. Continue reading Fire Temple Blessings

Footprints – Donate your old Running Shoes – Mumbai‏

Came across this initiative called “Footprints” (attached are posters)  – which is accepting old yet wearable sports shoes to encourage sports for underprivileged athletes in municipal schools around Mumbai.   Some shoes are being gifted to projects which involve education through sports (Oscar Project).

The volunteers for this project will be at various locations this Sunday morning between 7:30am – 11:00am to accept shoes.   They also are raising funds to fix the shoes if needed.

Please do donate your old shoes if you have any!

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Courtesy : Shireen Daver

Navroze Academy

Veera Mavalwala

Our Programs are suitable for:

  • All Professionals – to upgrade skills with next generation technology to achieve excellence at their workplace.
  • Professionals returning to work after a time gap who need to upgrade skills; and
  • Freshers who need practical guidance for Office Management Skills to steal an edge over competition as they prepare themselves for the corporate world.

Our Training Programmes are based on International best practices and are conducted through:

  • Corporate Training/Workshops
  • Public Workshops
  • Classroom Training

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WZCC – Pune Chapter meeting

The Pune Chapter of World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) organized a very interesting Networking Meeting on 22 July, 2009 wherein 5 WZCC members from Pune Chapter made presentations on their own businesses, the challenges they were facing and solicited suggestions from the 50 members present. It was interesting, stimulating and useful to all those who attended.

In case you could not attend, it may be interesting to view the videos of the meeting and see if you could guide / advise the youngsters. for the Videos.

Parsi Manners

by Aban Bana

There was a time when Parsis were praised by all other communities in Mumbai for their genteel ways and impeccable manners. The Parsis were synonymous with good breeding and fine etiquette. But the times, they are a changing. Yes they are, and I can give you a few examples to support my statement. Please read on…

Let us begin with our places of worship, our Agiaries and Atash Behrams. You are in a Fire Temple, waiting to bow down and put your head on the “Kebla” in front of the Holy Fire and offer your sandalwood. The person in front of you is taking at least fifteen minutes for the entire procedure, but that is alright, you don’t mind, after all we all have our prayers to offer. What is surprising is that once that person has finished with the bowing and has stood up again, he/she does not budge from the doorway! So either you creep into a small space that is still open and squeeze your forehead onto the kebla, or you gently request that person to please move aside, if only just a little bit, please? But that means breaking your prayers. What a dilemma! Continue reading Parsi Manners

ZAGBA 25th anniversary celebrations


The 25th anniversary celebration of ZAGBA was a smashing sucess by all counts, even if the fire alarm went off in the middle of the Jashan,

But due to the calm handling of the situation by everybody concerned, the Jashan went on and ended only 10 minutes later than the scheduled time.

It was a very funpacked evening starting with a Jashan performed by 25 mobeds (plus1 for good measure) the yhoungest being 11 years old from all across the east coast (US and Canada) , , Each of the mobeds were thanked by past presidents of ZAGBA and presented with a commemorative gift. This was followed by entertainment by children and adults, a fashion show and a “natak ” . The evening was completed by a delicious meal and dancing. The evening was interspersed with  slide presentation of  the history of ZAGBA and their members,  as well as  a trivia presentation on the history of  ZAGBA. There was a display of the exquisite embroidery work of  Mrs Karani, the mother of ZAGBA member  Zareen Karani Araoz.  

It was FUN evening for the 250 guests present. The Emcees for the evening were  Firdaus Bhatena and  Roshni Kapadia. The whole evening worked like clock work precision, thanks to the detailed co-ordination by their member Rajiv Yadav,   

There was a special souvenir program book,  a cook book  and a 25th anniversary coin to commemorate the occasion.   There wer 25 projects to celebrate 25 years, The best of which was The children’s Giving project “I am the Change” , where children collected 25 cents change in the special “piggy bank” and they would decide on 3-5 organizations to receive the donations as part of the “The ZAGBA children’s Silver Anniversry Gift” , 

The entire organizing committee  under the leadership  of their President Jamshed Dubash needs to be congratulated.  Parastu  Dubash, one of the past presidents, who has served the ZAGBA community  for many years in various capacities and was  the driving engine behind this evening  was very justly felicitated with a well deserved award. Congratulations Parastu,

We wish ZAGBA all the best for  the next 25 years of community service.  May the reproductive strength  of their community keep growing….they are 5 sets of twins!!!.  Does any other community  have more?

Dolly Dastoor


PS  A detailed report with photographs will appear in the  FALL issue of the FEZANA JOURNAL.  Subscribe today  at www. fezana.org

Dolly Dastoor

The Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust

The Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust has been in the forefront for creating awareness about Cancer by funding medicines , machines , technology , setting up hospitals , ICU’s and holding medical camps in the interiors of the country…amongst other initiatives.. It has been working closely with the Tata Memorial Hospital for almost 26 years now and many patients have benefitted from this association

 The Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust has taken the initiative along with Radio Mirchi and The Tata Memorial Hospital to spread awareness, educate the people of Mumbai and dispel various myths about cancer…

 There are also a lot of children currently undergoing various treatments for different types of cancers at The Tata Memorial Hospital…As you are aware most of these children come to Mumbai from other states in India for treatment and are mainly from lower economic backgrounds…Most of them find it extremely difficult to even pay for basic accomodation and medication in this city and often end up living on the footpaths outside the hospital…

 One of the immediate requirements that we have noticed that these children need is rain gear…be it umbrellas, rain coats or rain shoes… and health supplements like Horlicks , Complan , Bournvita…etc

 For this Mc Donalds has very kindly offered us the use of their outlets as collection centers for the contributions…Collection Boxes have been placed at the selected outlets ( Nirmal Lifestyles Mulund ,Lokhandwala Market, Fun Republic, Linking Road Bandra, Phoenix Mills, Sobo Central, VT and Colaba Causeway)

 Collection boxes have been placed at these outlets and all that is required of you is to go and place your contribution in these boxes.

 We will monitor the collection with the respective outlet managers and as and when required will send someone to collect these contributions…

The material collected will be taken on a weekly basis to The Tata Memorial Hospital and distributed amongst the patients…

 Radio Mirchi on its part will take on this activity till the 15th August…Independance Day…when it will culminate with an event at the Tata Memorial Hospital
This on air promotion with Radio Mirchi is on till the 15th August and will not only impart information on Cancer but also encourage listeners across the city to open their hearts and wallets and come forward and donate these items for these children..

 There will be various events planned in the next 3 weeks during the duration of this activity from blood/platelet donation drives, RJ’s reporting live from the Mc Donalds outlets, celebrity speak on radio , pediatric patients visiting the radio station and going on air ….etc….etc

 If you’d like to make a monetay donation towards the treatment of a particular child you may also do so but these cheques/cash will have to be handed over to me personally or couriered to :

 Preeti Motwani

D 62 Cozyhome

251 Nargis Dutt Road


Mumbai 400050

 The cheques have to be made out to “The Tata Memorial Hospital” and the donors name has to be clearly written behind the cheque so that a reciept can be issued…

 Similarly for a cash donation please place the money in a sealed envelope with your name clearly written with the amount on the top.

 I will send each of you a reciept issued by the hospital for the ammount donated.

 For any further clarifications please feel free to call me on 9821194114 or Shalini on 9820028305 or Tahera on 9930567888




Preeti Motwani

Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust

Cell : 9821194114

Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme

Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme- Educational Resource 

 One of the most important functions of The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) is to implement the Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme. The Scheme provides scholarships to outstanding children in the age group of 10 to 14 years, studying either in recognized schools or belonging to families practicing traditional performing or other arts (traditional forms of music, dance, drama as well as painting, sculpture and crafts, laying special emphasis on rare forms, which are in the process of becoming extinct)to develop their talent in various cultural fields.

Q. What is the value of scholarship and tuition fees?
Ans. The value of scholarship is Rs.3600/- (Rupees Three Thousand Six Hundred only) per annum and the actual tuition fee paid for the specialized training to the Institution or Guru is also reimbursed subject to a ceiling of Rs.3600/- (Rupees Three Thousand Six Hundred only) per year.
Q. What is the duration of scholarship?
Ans. The Scholarship awarded under the scheme will be initially for two years at a time and renewable after every two years till the completion of the first University degree stage of education or upto the age of 20 years, whichever
is earlier, subject to the awardee maintaining good progress.
Q. How many scholarships are awarded every year?
Ans. 500 scholarships are awarded every year at national level.
Q. Is there any reservation of scholarship for any category, field etc.?
Ans. The scholarships are awarded purely on the basis of talent/merit. However, minimum 3 scholarships for each of the Union Territory, 5 for each of the State and minimum 10 scholarships are reserved for the state of Jammu& Kashmir. 25% scholarships are reserved for the children of families practicing traditional art forms. 20 scholarships are also reserved for the specially challenged children.
Q. Is there any income criteria?
Ans. The preference is given to the children of rural areas, smaller towns and low income group families. However, merit/talent is the main criteria for award of scholarships.


Courtesy : Behram Pastakia