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The two articles attached are taken from the Dini Avaz magazine.

Sometime after 2002 AD, i.e., after the advent of Raenidar Shah Behram
Varzavand, for 500 years the world will experience a better and
peaceful period, having the sway of more spirituality and less
materialism, but before that, mankind will have to pay a very heavy
price to Nature for all the wrong committed by thoughts, words and

Raenidar Behram Varzavand Sahib’s status is higher than the last
Raenidar Adarbad Marespand Sahib who had to face a small Kyamat
whereas Varzavand Sahib faces a bigger Kyamat, because of this
Varzavand Sahib will be granted dual purpose power “Bewadi Dastoori” –
meaning he will be “Dae-Mobed” as well as “Dahyupat”, that is
Varzavand Sahib will be bestowed with high Priesthood as well as
Monarchy. Hence, Behram Varzavand Sahib will also sit on the throne of

Such “Bewadi-Dastoori” is granted to a very few like Hoshedar-Mah,
Hoshedar-Bami, Peshotan, Soshyos.

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Dini Avaz Vol 7; No. 3

Courtesy : N Joshi

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  • ‘Special Personality’ or ‘Varzavand Saheb’!

    By Savak S. Madon

    Very curiously, just a few days before the Baj of Ustad Saheb Beheramshaji, i.e. on 1st July 1988, Mr. Jamshed Puniwalla (Navsari) had drawn my attention to some passages from the books “Efficacy of Raj Yoga in the light of Sahaj Marg” and “Reality at Dawn” by Ram Chandra (Shahjahanpur, U. P.) which may prove very interesting reading to the readers.

    From the book Efficacy. . . . . etc. pp. 44-45, we come across the description of Special Personality as follows :

    “Nature now requires a change – a thorough overhauling – and for this purpose, I may assure you, a special personality has already come into existence and has been at work for about two and a half years”.

    [Here the author in a footnote says that “The period of two years and a half is reckoned form the date of writing the book and about six years from the date of its first publication (1950). Thus it comes to about the end of year 1944. Since then He is at work for the change of the world.]

    “The great sages of today with highest standing in Spirituality, little known to the world in general, are working under His directions, till more individuals are being prepared for the task ahead.

    Those with eyes wide open realize this working and its effect. The task ahead is of a very important nature, and change will be the ultimate result. Time He may take, but the result is inevitable, after which the world will shine forth in its true colour. The time is soon at hand when the various forces of nature, under His command, will set to work under His guidance after He has prepared the field for it. They are waiting for the task. Such a personality gets power direct to keep the machinery of Nature in working order. Saints with clairvoyant vision of the highest type in spiritual sphere (yoga-ja), who have got the capacity to intercommune with the liberated souls, well developed, can justify these facts by directly communing with Him’ or reading the Nature. Others will see the results in material form in due course”.

    In his book – “Reality at Dawn”, Chapter V “My Vision” Ram Chandra says:

    The present structure of world civili¬zation based upon electricity and atomic energy, shall not remain in existence for long. It is destined to fall soon. The whole atmosphere is so much charged with the poisonous effect of absolute materialism that it is almost beyond control to clear it. Time has almost matured for a change which is imminent and inevitable and for which the godly energy in human form is already at work, as referred to in my book Efficacy of Raj Yoga. . . . . .’

    Further the author predicts that. . . .’The fate of Great Britain will be sad. A part of it i.e. its southern portion will sink into the sea. A volcanic energy in the latent state is at work in the heart of London and in course of time it will burst forth in the form of volcanic erruption… The fate of Europe will be similar. Smaller countries will lose their existence. . the very weapon of Russia will serve as a pistol on her own head. Communism shall have its grave in its own home-land. As for America, she is in imminent danger of losing her wealth and in course of time, she may almost be reduced to paupery. . . . . . India shall regain her pristine glory. . . . . . ‘ etc.

    My learned readers are requested to compare these, with prophecies and inter¬pretations regarding the Kayamat at the end of this century and Shah Beheram Varzavand as predicted by Beheramshaji and to judge whether this “Special Personality” as told by Ram Chandra, may be Verzavand Saheb or not?

    (DINI AVAZ Vol. 14; No. 1 – Jan. Feb. 1989)

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