Commemoration ceremony for Manekji Limji Hataria in Tehran

The following article on the commemoration ceremony in Tehran for Parsi hero Manekji Limji Hataria appeared in the Amordad news and was previously posted in the zna alias:
  Although many middle age and younger Iranians don’t seem to know about Manekji Limji Hataria and how he saved the Iranian Zarathushtis when their numbers had gone down to around 7000 people, by suceeding in convincing the Qajar (Ghazar) dynasty Iranian ruler Shah Naseeruddin to remove the hated Jizya tax burden that kept the Zarathushtis suppressed, it is nice to know that the older generation Iranian Zarathushtis still fondly remember him and celebrate his anniversaries in Iran.

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Courtesy : Maneck Bhujwala

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