Hi everybody,

For the benefit of those of you who do not know, I have started a club for the benefit of single people aged 40 yrs and above. Those of you who are interested in knowing more about this club may let me know and I will be happy to forward the draft constitution which is currently undergoing legal scrutiny to ensure I run the club from the right side of the Law.

A member of this club who herself is a senior citizen has for some years now been running an NGO where in she is operating a free health centre for the benefit of the children of unfortunate women who have been forced into flesh trade.  These children are in the age group of a few months to twelve years; and some are even AIDS affected. Besides this she is also providing them wholesome food and education besides working with them to developed self confidence self worth.

She is operating right from the heart of the red light area.

Until now there were certain funding institutions that had been giving her financial backing to carry out this activity.

Due to the global financial melt down this year she has not been getting financial support. One agency had promised her some support, but today she received communication that they would not be able to help.

This has now pushed her against the wall, with the painful option to close down the excellent work she has been doing. That apart, she stands glaring at the dues she will have to pay her staff, and other outstanding that have accrued to her account. She certainly does not want to let her years of effort, and the future of the little flowers she has been nurturing to go down the drain. She is appealing to her friends and well wishers to help her course in what ever way they can, no matter how small the amount.

I thought of sending this appeal out to you for your consideration.
Those of you who would like to help her in her cause  may please contact Ruby on email or on mobile 9371216882. to get the details of the cheque / draft details. Her NGO has very recently been registered with the Commissioner of Charities in Pune.
With prayers that her noble course may continue, and my very best wishes to you all,

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