Iro Singapore China Religiuos Artifacts And Cultural Exhibition

Inter-Religious Organization (IRO), Singapore is organizing the Singapore China Religious Artifacts and Cultural Exhibition at Suntec Singapore  from Dec16th to Dec 23rd 2009.  

5 religions from China ( Buddhist,Taoist, Catholic, Christian, Islam) are arranging to bring the artifacts. They will also be supported by the 10 religions in Singapore. 

The ZOROASTRIAN religion as one of the 10 religions will also take part.

As time is short, we may not be able to bring the artifacts from the Alpaiwalla Museum, Mumbai , as we did last time.

We are requesting our community in Singapore , Malaysia, Hongkong ,Australia, New Zealand  to check if they have any old artifacts , books, paper cuttings paintings,garments, objects which they can loan us to exhibit

The items will be insured door to door as per the assessment of the curator from Asian Civilisation Museum.

 IRO will issue a receipt for any item taken on loan.

Please inform by e mail or phone the undersigned or Minaz Kanga or Dilnawaz Zaveri at the earlisest and oblige.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best reagrds

Rustom M Ghadiali


Courtesy : Dolly Dastoor

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