ZAGBA 25th anniversary celebrations


The 25th anniversary celebration of ZAGBA was a smashing sucess by all counts, even if the fire alarm went off in the middle of the Jashan,

But due to the calm handling of the situation by everybody concerned, the Jashan went on and ended only 10 minutes later than the scheduled time.

It was a very funpacked evening starting with a Jashan performed by 25 mobeds (plus1 for good measure) the yhoungest being 11 years old from all across the east coast (US and Canada) , , Each of the mobeds were thanked by past presidents of ZAGBA and presented with a commemorative gift. This was followed by entertainment by children and adults, a fashion show and a “natak ” . The evening was completed by a delicious meal and dancing. The evening was interspersed with  slide presentation of  the history of ZAGBA and their members,  as well as  a trivia presentation on the history of  ZAGBA. There was a display of the exquisite embroidery work of  Mrs Karani, the mother of ZAGBA member  Zareen Karani Araoz.  

It was FUN evening for the 250 guests present. The Emcees for the evening were  Firdaus Bhatena and  Roshni Kapadia. The whole evening worked like clock work precision, thanks to the detailed co-ordination by their member Rajiv Yadav,   

There was a special souvenir program book,  a cook book  and a 25th anniversary coin to commemorate the occasion.   There wer 25 projects to celebrate 25 years, The best of which was The children’s Giving project “I am the Change” , where children collected 25 cents change in the special “piggy bank” and they would decide on 3-5 organizations to receive the donations as part of the “The ZAGBA children’s Silver Anniversry Gift” , 

The entire organizing committee  under the leadership  of their President Jamshed Dubash needs to be congratulated.  Parastu  Dubash, one of the past presidents, who has served the ZAGBA community  for many years in various capacities and was  the driving engine behind this evening  was very justly felicitated with a well deserved award. Congratulations Parastu,

We wish ZAGBA all the best for  the next 25 years of community service.  May the reproductive strength  of their community keep growing….they are 5 sets of twins!!!.  Does any other community  have more?

Dolly Dastoor


PS  A detailed report with photographs will appear in the  FALL issue of the FEZANA JOURNAL.  Subscribe today  at www.

Dolly Dastoor

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