Jamasp Namak (“The Book of Jamaspi”)

Translation by Jivanji Jamshedji Modi, 1903.


Courtesy : Porus


India’s Parsis use technology to keep religion alive

India’s Parsis, the modern-day descendants of migrants who fled persecution in Iran more than 1,000 years ago, are turning to new technology to keep their ancient Zoroastrian religion alive.

Websites, blogs, on-line directories and matchmaking portals are being used by the close-knit but scattered and shrinking community to stay in touch and true to the 3,500-year-old faith.

‘The Parsis are a community without borders. We’re almost all over the world,’ said Yazdi Tantra, who runs a computer consultancy firm in Mumbai, where 70 per cent of the world’s Parsis live.

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Darayes Bharda Cancer Donation

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Dr. Keki Gharda

Shernaaz Engineer’s interview with the legendary chemical scientist, Dr. Keki Gharda, founder chairman and managing director of Gharda Chemicals, the second-largest agro-chemical company in India (Rs. 950-crore turnover), which is likely to be sold in the coming months. the proceeds are to fund his philanthropic foundation.
A fascinating life!

Man with a Mission

By Shernaaz Engineer

In recent months, the papers have been buzzing with the news that Gharda Chemicals, the second-largest agro-chemical company in India (Rs. 950-crore turnover), is likely to be sold. Dr. Keki Gharda, Chairman and MD, a veteran chemical scientist, and his wife, Abaan, have planned a public trust to use sale proceeds for philanthropy and to promote industrial research. Here, Dr. Keki Gharda affords a profoundly personal glimpse into his life, times, mission and vision… in his own words.
I saw what attachment to money did…
I was born on September 25, 1929, of Kadmi Zoroastrian parents. My parents (father Hormusji Dinshawji Gharda and mother Ratanbai Gharda nee Madon) were both from Athornan families. I never became a navar, as I thought it a waste of important years of my life. I’m somewhat of an agnostic, but an honest man. Of course, one does not preclude the other! Continue reading Dr. Keki Gharda

The Fire of Yazd Fire Temple is burning -1500 years

People’s service:  When Nowrooz arrives the Fire Temple is packed with tourists.  All the Nowrooz tourists who go to Yazd want to see the Fire Temple; they consider it as a pilgrimage place.  On other days of the year too, but not as much as Nowrooz, this Fire temple has visitors.  Though its building is only 80 years old but the fire burning in it is more than 1500 years old.  This fire is from the flames of the Pars Karyan Fire temple in Larestan, which was brought to Aqda, Yazd and was kept burning there for 700 years.  From there it was taken to Ardakan in the year 552 Hejri (1173 AD) and was burning there for 300 years and in the year 852 (1473 AD) it traveled from Ardakan to Yazd.  At first, the fire was kept in a place called Khalaf Khan Ali, in the house of one of the high rank Mobeds by the name of Tirandaz Azargoshasp.  In the year 1313 Hejri (1934), when the present Fire Temple was built, this fire was placed in it.  This background and history has added to the wonders of this Fire Temple.


Courtesy : K.F.Keravala

Azargoshasb Fire Temple

Illustrative report
Azargoshasb Fire Temple was encircled by the pleasant sound of Avesta and cheerful commotion of Iranians
The sound of Avesta, on 27 Shahrivar (18 September) once again filled Azargoshasb Fire Temple.
In Azargoshasb Fire Temple Zoroastrians recited the Avesta and prayed for a strong unity and cooperation of Zoroastrians of the world.  It is 6 years that this ceremony is being organized, annually, by Yatha Ahu site.  Azargoshasb is one of the largest and most renowned fire temples of the Iranian plateau, situated in West Azarbaijan, 49 km on the northeast of the city of Takab.  The history of this structure goes back to over 3000 years.  Azargoshasb is located near the Urumieh Lake (Chichest Lake) and was surrounded by magnificent buildings in those days.
Amordad camera also went to the Fire Temple to once again display the get-together of Zoroastrians in this ancient holy site.

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Courtesy :  K.F.Keravala

Avesta Manthravani – Science of Vibrations and Colours

by Adil J. Govadia

A wise old sage once said, “An ounce-glass is no instrument to calculate the quantity of the ocean. Similarly, a limited human mind and intellect are no tape to measure the reality of one’s religion.”

I choose to write upon this rather difficult subject not in the capacity of a religious scholar but in the vein of a student who persistently seeks correct religious knowledge. To find a proper balance between the pronouncements of the ancient wisdom and the seekers of modern knowledge, I personally view science as a frail instrument with confining limitations. While speaking about science  and religion, there lies a much deeper meaning in the words of Swami  Chinmayananda when he said, “—-with limited knowledge, the unlimited cannot be known or understood, for the Truth is far beyond  the senses of the human mind.”

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RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched the RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme to generate interest in and awareness about the Indian banking sector and RBI. Under the Scheme, the RBI will select a maximum of 150 young scholars through a countrywide competitive examination and award a scholarship. Selection test will focus on the role and functions of RBI and banks in India and will be held in English as well as in all major regional languages. Selected candidates will be required to work on projects in select offices of RBI for 2 to 3 months and will be paid a consolidated stipend of Rs. 7,500/- per month during the duration of the project. RBI will assist outstation awardees in boarding and lodging. The awardees shall have no right/ claim for an appointment in the RBI. Any candidate who had qualified and worked at RBI under the RBI Young Scholar Award Scheme in any of the previous years need not apply again.

All students, between 18 and 23 years of age, currently pursuing their undergraduate studies in any subject under any recognised university in India, are eligible to take the competitive examination. There is no application fee. The selection test will be held on January 10, 2010 at various centres across India. The results of the selection test are likely to be announced in the middle of March 2010. Desirous candidates may submit applications to Project Coordinator, RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme, Project No. 8709, Post Box No. 7632, Malad (West), Mumbai – 400064 (Online by 21.10.2009 & offline by 28.10.2009). Further details on the RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme are available on RBI Website under the link: www.rbi.org.in/youngscholars.aspx

Galveston, Texas – Lock In

ZAH Z Adult Class Galveston Lock In – Summary and Photo Album

Following is  forwarded courtesy of Erv Soli Dastur — correspondent for the North American Mobeds’ Council.
ZAH Adult Z Class Lock in In Galveston, Texas – 9/4 – 9/7/2009
Sarosh Collector, ZAH Adult Z Class Instructor, attended our NAMC Seminar in Houston on 4/11/2009 in which I presented a discussion on our scripture: Visperad. I also attended Sarosh’s Adult Z Class next day and after the class he informed me that he wants me to come back and help his class in understanding our rituals. I casually said: “No Problem”!
And lo and behold! The Adult Class leader, Bahrom Firozgary, the tallest 6′ 8″ 18-year-old Ervad, sent the following invitation to me:

Poona Zarthosti Seva Mandal, Pune

Dear Fellow Zoroastrians,

The Poona Zarthosti Seva Mandal, Pune, a 65+ year old organisation is engaged in the activities of giving medical , educational and financial help, monthly and yearly dole for the underprivileged, etc. Orders for sadra’s etc are also undertaken.
The Poona Zarthosti Seva Mandal, has its office / shop at 12, M.G.Road, Pune 411001 and is in dire needs to renovate and repair the existing structure which is over 70 years old. The work having already started was much more than expected with the entire roof caving in.   An amount of Rs.3 lacs will be needed to repair and renovate the same.
With a small corpus, and the interest being used to conduct its activities the organisation is looking forward to your support and help in its hour of need.
Any donations small or big are welcome.
You may send the same to the treasurer in favor of Poona Zarthosti Seva Mandal, Pune to
Mr.Mabrin Noshir Nanavatti,
879, Dadabhoy Boottee Street,
Near Sir.J.J.Agiary, Camp,
Pune 411001
Tel: 9822000433
Courtesy : Mabrin Nanavati