New Zealand, Zoroastrian Community Trust

Dear fellow Zoroastrians,

Greetings from New Zealand. The Zoroastrian population in this beautiful
small country of New Zealand has grown from a tiny community of about 20 in
the late 1980s to today being over 1,200 Zoroastrians, most of who are
settled in Auckland.

Initially, the size of our community meant that social and spiritual events
were held in peoples’ homes. As we have grown, we have resorted to hiring
community halls and restaurants for our functions. This creates challenges,
especially with respect to religious ceremonies. Our growing community has
become keenly aware of the need for a spiritual, cultural, and social centre
that will serve the Zoroastrian community in New Zealand.

To respond to this need, the “Zoroastrian Community Trust of New Zealand”
(ZCT) was set up as a Charitable Trust under the laws of New Zealand in
March 2007. The objectives of ZCT are to establish a Zoroastrian community
centre and place of worship in Auckland, New Zealand and to accumulate
funds, through donations and fundraising activities, for the establishment
and ongoing management of the community centre.

The proposed community centre will provide a social, cultural and spiritual
anchor for the Zoroastrian community in New Zealand. It will be an
institution that this generation and future generations of Zoroastrians will
identify with. It will aim to create a link with our cultural and religious
roots in India, Iran and rest of the world.

Since its inception, the Trustees of ZCT (Trust Board) have been working to
raise funds and achieve the objectives of ZCT. The Trust Board is managed
professionally to ensure that ZCT meets all government and legislative
requirements to maintain and uphold its registered charitable structure.
Several Zoroastrian families in NZ have already become Pledge Donors and are
donating regularly. The Trust Board with its group of volunteers has
conducted, with great success, several fund raising activities that have
raised sums for ZCT. We are also working with local charities and
government organisations that assist with fund raising for projects which
promote cultural diversity.

In consideration of the demographics in New Zealand and taking into account
challenges faced by us as first generation Zoroastrian migrants in New
Zealand, we are reaching out to Zoroastrians around the world for
assistance. We know that Zoroastrians worldwide have always been
visionaries and philanthropists with a motto “to maintain the Zoroastrian
faith and achieve the welfare of the general community”. This vision has
been translated into various Atash Behrams, Agiaries, Darbe Mehrs, Community
Centres, Residential Colonies, Schools, Hospitals and other charitable
institutions in India and overseas.

We make this appeal to fellow Zoroastrians and Zoroastrian
Associations/Anjumans worldwide to help us achieve this vision of having our
very own community centre for the benefit of the entire Zoroastrian
community in New Zealand. Your assistance in any form would be greatly

If your organisation/Trust makes charitable distributions to assist
Zoroastrian activities around the world, we would very much appreciate you
considering our project. We also request you to forward this appeal to your
membership for consideration. We shall be grateful to your
organisation/Trust for collecting funds on behalf of ZCT from your community
members, under advice to ZCT.

We have attached a brochure on ZCT which describes the background and
motivation behind this project. Our Trust Deed, Financial Statements, Annual
Reports and other details are also available on our website
<> .

If you have any questions on ZCT please do not hesitate to contact us on, in fact we look forward to receiving your queries.

Ushta Te

Trust Board of ZCT

Rohinton Patrawala, Shahazad Contractor, Tanaz Siganporia, Tehmus Mistry and
Vicky Mistry

Contact by email:

Courtesy : “znamoderator”


  • shankar Bhandarkar

    Dear sir’s
    I have a friend in New Zealand MR Fali Dhorabji Mistry,
    Can you please locate him and pass a message to contact me please, He was in Oman with me for long years
    S bhandarkar — Mumbai 0091 22 9920755910

  • Hi my name Khosrow I am coming to Auckland New Zealand soon, dose Zorasterian organization have any hostel in Auckland or other cities in New Zealand? if yes how much for night?thanks

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