Zoroastrian Monthly Calendars

I am a practising civil engineer in Bangalore, India, and have compiled three sets of Zoroastrian Monthly Calendars (Shenshai, Kadmi and Fasli versions) for the 22-year period 1379 AY through 1400 AY in PDF format.
The salient features of these calendars are as follows :
  • Each of the three sets comprises of a 141-page, A4 size, book which can be used for the entire 22-year period by all Zoroastrian members of the laity and clergy.
  • In addition to the monthly calendars, each set also contains brief write-ups about :
(a)   the history of Zoroastrian calendars,
(b)   evolution of names of days and months through the Pre-Gathic to present times, and
(c)   the schedule of Zoroastrian festivals.
With regards,
Rohinton E. Kadva, Bangalore, India.

Zoroastrian Calendars (1379 AY – 1400 AY) – Shenshai

Zoroastrian Calendars (1379 AY – 1400 AY) – Fasli

Zoroastrian Calendars (1379 AY – 1400 AY) – Kadmi

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