Tinaz Billimoria

ICRMS provides Consultancy Services, Project Management and Business Solutions pertaining to various industries such as Banks, Financial Institutions, Credit Bureaus, Manufacturing, Retail etc. enabling businesses and consumers in taking sound decisions and attain their goal.

We are committed in providing services that translate into effective Solutions for the needs of our Clients by:

  • Recommending our Clients to accept solutions best for them and at the same time recognize ground realities to phase the implementation of such solutions.

Our expertises are broadly classified in areas of Management Consultancy, Credit Bureaus, Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Data Management, Knowledge Management, Customer Management and Training.

Principals of Actions

Client Confidentiality

We work with various organisations which may belong to a common industry. Client confidentiality therefore is paramount, and an intrinsic value imbibed in every individual at ICRMS.

Collaboration and Partnership

We believe in partnering ourselves with Clients instead of being mere Solution providers.

Best Practices

We endeavour to provide our Clients with the most efficient and effective way of accomplishing a task, based on procedures that have proven themselves over time for large number of organisations.

Client Satisfaction and Value for Money

We believe that success on both sides is the best measure of a productive relationship.

We endeavour to work with most of our clients repeatedly. This is our measure of the value we have added to our Clients and how well we have understood and satisfied their needs.

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