The Fire of Yazd Fire Temple is burning -1500 years

People’s service:  When Nowrooz arrives the Fire Temple is packed with tourists.  All the Nowrooz tourists who go to Yazd want to see the Fire Temple; they consider it as a pilgrimage place.  On other days of the year too, but not as much as Nowrooz, this Fire temple has visitors.  Though its building is only 80 years old but the fire burning in it is more than 1500 years old.  This fire is from the flames of the Pars Karyan Fire temple in Larestan, which was brought to Aqda, Yazd and was kept burning there for 700 years.  From there it was taken to Ardakan in the year 552 Hejri (1173 AD) and was burning there for 300 years and in the year 852 (1473 AD) it traveled from Ardakan to Yazd.  At first, the fire was kept in a place called Khalaf Khan Ali, in the house of one of the high rank Mobeds by the name of Tirandaz Azargoshasp.  In the year 1313 Hejri (1934), when the present Fire Temple was built, this fire was placed in it.  This background and history has added to the wonders of this Fire Temple.


Courtesy : K.F.Keravala

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