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Hi, every one once again I am late in sending this message about Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, last year when I lost my Wife, She had cancer for 10 years, and medication which was given to her gave us ten good years, and I tried my best to full fill her wishes to see the different places in the world. I did my first walk and I Raised around $2500.00 for our Team this year I intend to Raise More. It is for the cause to find cures, and help women to get well from breast cancer. So help me that American Cancer Society can save lives.
 For Support please click on visit my Personal Page below and give a generous donation.
Thanks Darayes Bharda

Dear Friends,

I’ve signed up to walk in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and I’m hoping you’ll support me. There are a lot of breast cancer events out there, but I choose to support the American Cancer Society because funds raised through Making Strides find cures, help people stay well and get well from breast cancer, and empower all of us to fight back today. Together with the American Cancer Society, we can save lives!

Every donation really does make a difference. I know that times are tighter than normal for many of us, but if you can spare even $5, that will help:

More progress will be made to ward finding breast cancer’s causes and cures. The American Cancer Society has played a role in nearly every major breast cancer breakthrough of the last century, which have led to the discovery of lifesaving breast cancer treatments like Tamoxifen and Herceptin. You will help us find more.

More people in our community will have the information and tools they need to help prevent breast cancer or find it early.
More people with breast cancer will have a place to turn around the clock to help them through every step of their cancer journey whether it’s a free ride to treatment, a place to stay, or just talking to someone who has “been there.”
More women like our mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers will have access to lifesaving mammograms and treatment.

To support me in my efforts, please visit my personal page. If you’re going to be in town, I’d love for you to join my team and walk with me. If not, please make as generous a donation as you can.

Each of us has our own reasons for caring about the fight against breast cancer … whatever your reasons, I hope you’ll choose to make a difference, make history, and make strides with me.

Darayes Bharda
Did You Know:
Attention, ladies! The best defense against breast cancer is finding it early. If you are 40 or older, get a mammogram and a breast exam by a doctor or nurse every year, and always report any breast changes to your doctor without delay. Sign up for a free email mammogram reminder at cancer.org/MammogramReminder and encourage the women you love to do the same.

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