Effect of Wearing Cap on Zarathustri Urvaan

effect-of-wearing-cap-on-zarathustri-urvaanEffect of Wearing Cap on Zarathustri Urvaan

 by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha


     A Zarathustri is enjoined to cover his head at all times. It is one of the basic disciplines for a Zarathustri. If you have ever look at the pictures of Zarathustris from the past, you will recognize them simply because they were wearing cap or turban covering their head. If you read the description of Parsees from the past and those who first landed in Sanjan, it is emphatically described that whether a child, female or male they all had their head covered. It is unfortunate that our own community people laugh on us for wearing cap, which is the foundation of all our religion practices. Needless to say, today a Zarathustri wearing cap will get strange glances; he/she will evoke giggles and some people even consider them as one belonging to the Stone Age. However, such reactions are seldom seen when a Zarathustri will observe a Muslim or Jew demonstrating their practice of covering head during and out of their prayer area. It is a common site to see a Zarathustri coming out from the Agiary with one hand over his head, not as a respect but to prepare himself/ herself to remove the cap/scarf before he/she reaches the main gate. Some people feel embarrass to wear in public whereas some remove it to protect their hairstyle. My dear Zarathustris, wearing cap is not imposed upon us but it is a remedy to protect oneself from destructive thought process that will ultimately influence our Urvaan’s progression.

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  • I would like to add here that if for some reason it is not possible to keep the head covered at all times, such as the workplace, then atleast it should be kept covered at other times, wherever possible.

  • Hi,
    I truly agree with your article. Believe, you me I myself make it a point to wear a scarf once I’m out of office and whenever travelling. Not only it protects me spiritually but also environmentally.

    Please do keep writing more articles like these.

  • Cyrus S. Saiwalla

    Dear Brethren,
    Why we should cover our heads ? Heres’ the explanation:
    On our heads, there are 5 Chakras or energy points or ‘Atash’ . They are as follows:
    1. On the top of our heads (centre portion) called ‘ Atash-e-chakra-Lehan’.
    2. Above the neck, i.e. the small brain, called ‘Atash-e-Khore
    3. On the top of our heads called ‘Atash-e-Urvajis’
    4. Fore head (centre portion) called Atash-e-Dara
    5. Fore head (above centre portion) called ‘Atash-e-Frehan’
    These 5 energy points are there in ‘Behdins’ (non- priests).
    But, additional energy point is given to our dear priests i.e . the 6th Atash by our Lord Zarathustra, so, that, at the time of learning ‘Navar’ & ‘Martab’ ‘kriyas’ our priest’s child do not face any hardship to grasping the subjects.
    Thus wearing caps/ scarves are must in our Zoroastrian religion, as they protect us from incoming pollutants (‘Badhi jat ni kharabio’ thi’) as well as preventing our own ‘ Kharabi’ that they emerge from our heads and feet (note: barefoot is also forbidden). So, while praying our ‘Manthra vani’ ‘Stoat’ gets emerged in the form of vibrations with different colours and these ‘Stoats’ destroy all pollutants and keep away evil spirits from us and also energize all our points of energy which are there in our bodies (total 16 Atash in our bodies).
    But if you keep your head open to atmosphere, point no.1 no ‘Stoat’ will be effective, point no.2 all your energy points will not be developed, point no.3 you will not get any protection spiritually and the last but not the least at the time of your journey to heaven, you will be facing tremendous hardships, where no one even try to help your journey peaceful and bliss ‘Khushal’ .
    Only, while taking showers, it is allowed to wash your head perfectly and that too with performing ‘Baj’ before and
    after completion of your showers. Note : Here ‘Mah Bokhtar’ protects you while you take your showers.
    Zarthost Din Shad Bad

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