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Here is request from Farah Salam. Besides the below addresses could anyone suggest other outlets.

1) Parsi Vegetarian & Temperance Society 4th floor, Vatsa House, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai – 400001 (ph. no. +91 22 22870795),

2) Mehlla Patel Agiary 1st. Floor, Mehlla Patel Agiary Lane , Grant Road , Mumbai – 400004 (Ph. no. 23080519) You would need to contact Mr Rusi Patel who is available at the Mehlla Patel Agiary Library (1st floor) every Saturday only from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.

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I was looking for some books on Parsis which are not easily available in the net. Can you suggest any place in Mumbai which might have the below mentioned books.
– Ervad S. Bharucha: A brief sketch of the Zoroastrian religion and customs. Tarapolevala Books, Bombay 1928.
– Sohrab J. Bulsara (Hrsg.): The laws of the ancient Persians as found in the “Matikan E Hazar Datastan” or “The Digest of a Thousand Points of Law”. K. R. Cama Oriental Institute, Mumbai 1999.
– Rustom C. Chothia: Zoroastrian religion most frequently asked questions. 2002.
– Dastur K. Dabu: A handbook on information on Zoroastrianism. Edition Chamarbangvala, Bombay 1966.
– Dastur K. Dabu: Zarathustra an his teachings. A manual for young students. Edition Chamarbangvala, Bombay 1966.
– Maneckji N. Dhalla: History of Zoroastrianism. 3. Aufl. K. R. Cama Oriental Institute, Bombay 1994.
– Maneckji N. Dhalla: Zoroastrian Civilization. From the earliest times to the downfall of the last empire 651 A.D. AMS Press, New York 1977 (Nachdruck der Ausgabe New York 1922)
– Karl F. Geldner (Autor), Jivanji C. Tavadia (Übers.): The Zoroastrian religion in the Avesta (“Die zoroastrische Religion”). K. R. Cama Oriental Institute, Bombay 1999.
– Marazban J. Giara: Global directory of Zoroastrian fire temples. 2. Auflage. Selbstverlag, Mumbai 2002.
– Aspandyar S. Gotla: Guide to Zarthostrian historical places in Iran.
– Mani Kamerkar, Soonu Dhunjisha: From the Iranian plateau to the shores of Gujarat. The story of Parsi settlements and adsorption in India. 2002.
– Dorsabhai F. Karaka: History of the Parsis including their manners, customs, religion and present position.
– Ramiyar P. Karanjia: Zoroastrian religion and ancient Iranian art.
– Eckehard Kulke: The Parsees in India. A minority as agent of social change; Studien zur Entwicklung und Politik, 3; – Weltforum-Verlag, München 1974, ISBN 3-8039-0070- 0 (zugl. Dissertation, Universität Freiburg/B. 1969).
– Rustam P. Masani: Zoroastrianism. The religion of the good life. Indigo Books, New Dehli 2003, ISBN 81-2920049-x (Nachdruck der Ausgabe London 1938).
– Jivanji Jamshedji Modi: A few events in the early history of the Parsis and their dates. K. R. Cama Orientasl Institute, Bombay 2004 (Nachdruck der Ausgabe Bombay 1905).
– Jivanji J. Modi: The religious ceremonies and customs of the Parsees.
– Jivanji J. Modi: The religious system of the Parsis. Education Society’s Press, Bombay 1903.
– Piloo Nanavatty: The Gatha of Zarathushtra. 1999.
– Adil F. Rangoonwalla: Five Niyaeshes. 2004.
– Adil F. Rangoonwalla: Zoroastrian etiquette. 2003.
– Roshan Rivetna: The legacy of Zarathushtra.
– Michael Stausberg (Hrsg.): Zoroastrian rituals in contest; Studies in history of religions, 102; Brill, Leiden 2004, ISBN 90-041-3131- 0.
– Irach J. Taraporewala: The religion of Zarathushtra. Chronicle Press, Bombay 1965.
– Irach J. Taraporewala: Zoroastrian daily prayers.
Thanks & Regards,
Farah Salam



  • Rustom Chotia informs that most of these books should be available in the :

    K.R. Cama Oriental Institute Library
    136, K.R.Cama Institude Building, 2nd Floor, Bombay Samachar Marg, Opposite Lion Gate, Fort, Mumbai -400023
    Phone: +91 22-22843893
    J.N. Petit Institute Library
    312, Dr. DN Road, Fort, Besides Thomas Cook, Mumbai- 400001
    Phone: +91 22 22048463

    His book “Zoroastrian Religion’s Most Frequently Asked Questions” is available on the net at :

    In case you want a printed copy he may be contacted at

    Further, we inform that Marzban Giara may be contacted at
    or on phone no.(+91 22) 24166204

    We already have a couple of books online at

    and for the others, one may browse through
    the Parsiana book shop Tel. (+91 22) 22074335; 22074347.

  • Mehlli Bhagalia informs :

    The best single book in my opinion, on our religion in English other than Dr. Chiniwala’s and Mr. Tavadia’s English books, is

    Zoroastrianism- Ancient and Modern by Erwad Pheroze Masani

    It is available at the Office of the Vegetarian Society, whose address was given by someone on this list.

    This book should be in every Parsi Zarthusti family home and studied and not read like a novel..

  • hi
    I live in Toronto and i was searching online about books of Zoroastrianism but can’t find so is it possible if you can tell me good web site where i can find books like your religious book Avesta and some other books … and if you guys have any church in Toronto where i can go and talk to them … i have some questions to ask .
    thank you

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