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Life has a purpose. Earth and heavens revolve and rotate with a purpose. There is the Creator who creates the Creation and draws it back to Him. It is a rough road to go back. There are obstacles and obstructions. The journey of man towards Him require certain Rules of life to be observed. The Rules are taught by Him through His divine Messengers. At times the way to Him is a walk in the rose gardens full of sweet fragrance and the song of bulbuls. At times it is a walk in the dense jungle of thorns or a dry scorching desert.

The present time is such a walk in dark wilderness for the humanoids. The fountains of humanity are dried up. God’s Rules proclaimed by His Messengers are flagrantly violated by this angelic creature turned devil MAN

All Religions have, in unison, prescribed those Rules of God. They have a common undercurrent. Only their language & wordings, and the pictures & procedures, are different. They have two phases: first, the way of life on earth, i.e. the Rules of conduct which should be observed and the frame of mind which should be maintained while living the day to day life; and the second: the procedure and practice, mode and methodology which can generate the internal energy within a human to observe and practice the conduct Rules and the mind-frame.

The first phase is surprisingly common in all Religions, though presented in different ways. Let me describe it in the language of our Zarthoshti Din.

The life conduct and mind-frame should follow the four lamps on the Path: Armaiti, Hutoxi, Maher, Patet.

The earth, the humans and the Parsis are bracing up for suicide. It is the high tide in the present disastrous period of Kayamat. It is high time for we the Parsis to adopt the four lamps and try to kindle them in the fast approaching darkness. We have assurances from the Divine White Forces and Guides that the observance of these Rules shall ease your tension and depression, shall prepare you mentally to face any onslaught of time, shall iron out the waves of misery, and shall smoothen your onward journey in life and beyond.

*  *  *

What is Armaiti?

It is mainly and manifestly erasure of ego. “Humility” is a secondary meaning. You must have experienced in your life that ego is at the root of all our miseries, worries, tensions, depressions, calamities, anxieties, quarrels, strifes, discords. The evil forces at present in charge on our earth have aggravated ego-virus in this frog of mankind to such an extent that it has blown itself up to the point of bursting with a big bang. The Messengers of God ask you to endeavor to rub out your pride. The best way to do it is to erase all hatred from your mind towards any person, be he or she your enemy, according to your thinking. And the greatest antidote to hatred is LOVE – a simple word, simple to practise. Only the ego obstructs it severely. We know that love is paradise on earth and yet we nourish hatred. Because for us our ‘I’ is the greatest somebody. What ‘I’ think and what ‘I’ do is correct. and right; all others are wrong. This self-boasting and self-importance and self-inflation invites hell first in your own mind and then all around you.

Armaiti is spoken of in all our Holy Books and Scriptures. What is the foundation of your Spenti – the progress on the Path towards Daadaar? “Armaiti”, proclaims the Spentomad Gatha. Haa 47-1 declares the divine machinery of seven Ameshaspands which has created the whole Creation of Ahura and which leads us to Him. The next strophe 47-2 provides the key for our march towards Ahura. It declares:

“Let your tongue speak the truth and chant the Manthra

Whatever you do, do with both the hands of Armaiti.

Remember, the All-Wise Mazda is the …Father of Asha”.

The Path to Mazda is the Path of Asha, the Law of Truth, Beauty, Purity and the first step on the Path is Armaiti. We remind ourselves by saying “Nemaschaa Yaa – Armaitish Izaachaa” at every Kushti. It means, Armaiti is the real wealth, gift from Ahura, fountain of peace, breeze of harmony. My homage to Armaiti (the daughter of Ahura Mazda).

The sentence is recited thrice when the dead body is about to be lifted for its last journey to the tower of Dokhma. Armaiti in Life, Armaiti in Death!


The Second Lamp – Hutoxi 

Hutoxi is the twin sister of Armaiti. Once you start erasing your Ego and reducing big ‘I’ to small ‘i’, you will stop presuming that you are right and others are wrong and will be ever ready to be corrected. You will not hesitate to ask for forgiveness, which previously your big ‘I’ did not allow you to do. Equally well, you will not hesitate to forgive others. “Forgive and ye shall be forgiven”, said the Bible (Luke 6.37). Forgiveness melts hatred, enhances love, embraces Armaiti.

The allied element in Hutoxi is patience, forbearance. It is better to bear than to strike back Another element of Hutoxi is a desire to give away and not snatch away; to serve others self-Iessly as a march towards God, not to inflate your ego. Compassion is also an ornament of Hutoxi. The main foundation of Buddha Dharma is Compassion. Look at the glow on the face of Dalai Lama.

I am not giving a moral sermon. I am urging you to practise Armaiti and Hutoxi right from this moment. Kayamat may strike you at any second.


Maher – Patet

Maher is a frame of mind, which is vigilant towards what the Religions describe as the faults of flesh, man’s internal enemies “Shad­ripoo” in the Hindu Daenaa, ‘Das Aib’s in Zarthoshti Din – six enemies and ten faults. They are carnal passion, ego, anger, greed, attachment towards worldly objects, envy, faithlessness, fraud, blasphemy, shamelessness. They manifest themselves through the five senses of the human body. They are named as “Paap”, Sins, “Goonah”, the flower-tipped arrows of “Mara”. A long list of Goonah is given in our Prayer, Patet Pasheymaani. It is our spiritual duty towards Ahura to resist them and control them. The violation of the duty by falling a prey to them leads to painful Karma, i.e. reaction in the form of misery and calamity. In fact and truth, the present period of calamities is a reaction to the collective sins of the humans towards God’s creation. We, the humans, tortured chimpanzees in medicinal laboratories, and they gave us HIV. We butchered cows and cattle most cruelly and mercilessly, and we are gifted with Mad cow disease. We slaughtered trillions and trillions of chicken and now the bird-flu is on us. We oppressed and tyrannized matter and metals on the earth, and we led ourselves to doomsday by devising nuclear bombs and biological weapons. We Parsis devilishly blasphemed, insulted and ignored our spiritual Institutions for the protection of which our forefathers made this Holy Land of India our home, and now we are having frightful tremors like a wounded chicken.

Collective Karma is the accumulation of individual Karma. It is not now possible to take any collective action to break down the dense formulations of destructive Karma. The remedy now lies in the hands of the individual. He or she has to adopt the frame of mind which should resonate with Armaiti, Hutoxi, Maher & Patet. Drive out all ego, all hatred. Make your mind a fragrant garden of love towards everybody you come across, selfless service to every creature and creation of God. A sprinkle of love and Armaiti on the dry cracking soil of hatred and ego will attract the loving blessings of God. Remember, you need them badly. They will draw an orbit of protection around you. That is the aim of Kushti.

And to generate within you the energy for developing that frame of mind, inculcate in your life the spiritual Institutions of your Din: which are Sudreh Kushti, Manthra Prayers, Atash Parasti, Yasna (Kriyakaam) Dokhm-e-Nashini, Boonakpaasbaani, often collectively referred to as ‘Tarikat’s, and constitute the second phase of Ahura’s Prescriptions. Actually the first viz the Frame of Mind: Armaiti, Hutoxi, Maher, Patet, is itself a Tarikat, the most important one.

Without the cultivational of these four seeds, the other tarikats become hypocrisy. We don’t wear Sudreh Kushti, pray Manthra, worship the holy Fires, get performed Kriyakaam to make a show of ourselves. If your purported tarikats invoke your ego, their observance becomes a sin. It is like throwing a heap of dust on a radiating light.

Essential outlines of Sudreh Kushti, Manthra Prayers and Atash parasti appear in this Issue. The others, in future.

. . .

              (Parsi Pukar Apr.-May.-Jun. 2005 – Vol. 10; No. 4)

“Aevo pantaao yo Ashahay, veespay anyaeshaanm apantaanm”

There is only  one path, that of Righteousness (Ashoi); all others are non-paths.

 Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia

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