Thana Agiary Fund

23rd October 2009

Dear Zoroastrian Friends,

The Thana Agiary Fund Trust was founded in the year 1877 by the illustrious family of CAWASJI RUSTOMJI PATELL who established our present Agiary in 1780 and a DOKHMA in Thana way back in 1710. For centuries together it has held the Parsis of Thane in strong bond of faith and tradition.

But given the present state of the heritage structure, we Trustees have moved heaven and earth for a very long time to do something about its timely reconstruction. As the Thane Zoroastrian residents already know, after a Herculean struggle of a few years, our plans have finally met with the approval of the Heritage Committee which has very stringent parameters for reconstruction. We also secured the permissions to re-construct the buildings from Thane Municipal Corporation and Town planning a few months ago. The architects are M/s. Balsara & Sethna and the contractor is Mr.Cyrus Unwalla of Premier Construction Company. AS THINGS STAND, IF WE DO NOT START WORK IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS, OUR PERMISSION MAY ACTUALLY LAPSE and we will again have to start the procedures fresh.

At the very core of it, what needs to be re-constructed is OUR 229 YEARS OLD HERITAGE AGIARY, THE SMALL HALL (Otla) NEXT TO IT both of WHICH IS IN AN ABSOLUTELY DILAPIDATED CONDITION and also a structure/quarter which also needs to be demolished to increase the size of Hall, where Navjot, Marriage, Ghambhar, and other ceremonies can be comfortably performed. But before the commencement of demolition even starts and during the process of RE-constructing of the AGIARY & the Hall, we have to shift the revered Agiary Fire [Atash Padhsha] in the adjoining DASTURJI’S quarter for a fair duration of time [about 18 months]. The shifting of the HOLY PADSHAH SAHEB is being done as per the advise/suggestion of our VADA DASTURJI himself. 


Without being unambiguous about it, let us state that the Trust is in an URGENT need of a two room kitchen flat in and around Bombay on ownership, rental or otherwise, to accommodate the family (Daughter) of our late Dasturji  Eruchshaw Karkaria [who offered diligent service to our Agiary for about 30 years]. Ms Karkaria is the current resident of the quarter and it’s only fair that we find her an alternate place; in the spirit of honouring the commitment and wish of Our Predecessors—particularly so, our late Chairman Mr Dhunjisha Patell. Not only that, this gesture is also in line with the consent terms filed  between our trust and another trust known as Thana Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman [TPZA]. (i.e. only after re-accommodating the family of late Dasturji.) 

So here’s the request: If you or your friends / relatives have any additional accommodation which is not currently in use and if you are looking for a customer, then please think about giving it to our trust (for which Trust is willing to pay a reasonable price) and in turn take the bountiful blessings of our Agiary Atash Padhsha.

We the trustees Of Thana Agiary Fund will be highly obliged and thankful to you for the same. It will truly be a huge, huge help.

Please contact any of the Agiary Trustees on phone or meet personally for the same.


For Thana Agiary Fund

Homi Talati                Pervez Bhesania             Kurus  Shroff

9820220212                9820181818               9820909133      

E Mail : thana_ agiary@mtnl.

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