Just For Today!



           Just for today, I will do a Kushti in each Gah, (except perhaps the Ushahen Gah), because I know that Sudreh Kushti draws a protective ring around me.

            Just for to-day, I will chant the prayers: Kushti, Sarosh Baj, Gah (Haavan, Rapithwan or Ujiran), Khorshed Niyaish, Meher Niyaish, Doa Nam Setayashney and Char Dishaano Namaskar, because I know that these prayers are compulsory and constitute food for my Ruvaan. “Haom Urvaaneym Yazmaidey” – “We attune ourselves with our own Ruvaan”.

            Just for today, I will go to an Agiari, do Kushti and Chant Sarosh Baj, Gah, Khorshed Meher Niyaish in the outer room, and then recite Atash Niyaish in the inner room before Atash Padshah followed by Doa Nam Setayashney, because I know that Atash is the Lord of all the divine energies of Ahura Mazda and the Lord of my Karma, my destiny.

            Just for today I will try to be a “Hutokhsh”, a servant of God, by knocking out all selfishness from me, and helping the helpless and the miserable, and serving the neglected, because I know that that is the way leading to Ahura.

            Just for today, I will erase all ego and hatred from me and try to love those who have maliciously harmed me, because I know that the dissolution of the ego, pride and hatred is the ultimate aim of the Ruvaan, which is imprisoned in my body.

            Just for today, I will not fall a prey to my enemies, anger, carnal passion, greed, pride, jealousy, attachment to worldly objects, hypocrisy and guarded dishonesty, because I know that they are serious obstacles to my spiritual progress, and that is why I ask Mazda for protection from them in the very first passage of the Prayer Kem-naa-Mazdaa which is the preamble to doing Kushti.

            Just for today, I will read some Khshnoom with fierce concentration and ponder and meditate on it, just for an hour.

            Just for today, I will fill up my heart with earnest devotion (“Vaham”) to my Paigamber Asho Zarathushtra and immerse it in Ushta, the bliss and ecstasy of Ahura, because I know that Vaham occurring in “Yasnaaicha, Vahammaaicha… .” and ‘Ushta’ occurring in Asheym Vohu ….are the beacons on the path to Ahura.

            Just for today, I will do all or any of these whatever I possibly can. Who knows they may stick to me each day of my Life! And who knows how long or short will be my life?

               (Parsi Pukar July-Aug.-Sep. 2001 – Vol. 7; No. 1)

 “Aevo pantaao yo Ashahay, veespay anyaeshaanm apantaanm”    There is only  one path, that of Righteousness (Ashoi); all others are non-paths.

Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia

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