Cawas Jehangirji Bardoliwalla

My father was born in Bombay and attended The Sir J.J.P.B Institution and was to be the highest amongst those who passed The Late Cawas Jehangirji Bardoliwalla BEng,DICThe S.S.C.Examination in 1953. He subsequently went on to achieve a 1st Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Bombays Technical Instute for Science and Technology. He was awarded a full honorary Scholarship from The ex-students Jubilee fund to further his studies at London’s Imperial College of Science and Technology during which time he worked alongside Professor D.B.Spalding CBE in the field of Heat Transfer and Rocket Combustion from 1958 to 1961 and was  later awarded The Prestigious DIC ( The Diploma of ‘ Membership’ of The Imperial College ). He later went on to become a Senior Architect at The World Most illustrious Car Giant Rolls Royce & Bentley Motors UK Ltd. Three months prior to his death he was due to be appointed Head of Aerospace ( Civil & Defence ) Archtectural Engineering and Design at Rolls Royce’s Aerospace Divisional HQ in Crew. Sadley he passed away due to heart failure in 1978 aged just 44 years. Deeply missed.

Your Sincerely

His Beloved Son

Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla BSc (Hons), MCMI


  • I should like to add that my late late father was appointed a Fellow by The Institute of Mechanical Engineers hence;
    Hence; CEng FIMechE ( The Institutes highest Accolade which can be bestowed upon it’s Members )


    Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla BSc (Hons)

    • Dinyar Homi Bardoliwalla

      It’s a great feeling to learn of a person having achieved so much in a lifetime.
      We are proud to learn of your late father’s illustrious achievements and hope you too excel in the field of your chosen profession.

  • Ver few People yet alone Zoroastrian Parsis Know that i’m certified Actor and am The Worlds first to Play my heroe Freddie Mercury in a Major British movie: Someone Else ( RSA Films Ltd (c) 2005 ) which got previewed in Hollywood and at The Cannes Film Festival.


    Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla

  • Dear Neville

    With due respect to your father

    Right here we have Sir Mehernosh Shroff became a chief engineer at 24 !!! AND A FELLOW OF INSTITUTE OF MARINE Engineers at 27 !!

    Sir Mehernosh had already made lots of inventions and innvations in world of shipping ,

    Best regards


  • Dear Mr Bardoliwalla,
    Thank you for posting the short autobiography on your late father, it was quite inspiring as i know personally that during the 70’s racism in the UK was fairly wide spread and to think that your late father had managed to achieve such a status at Rolls Royce UK Ltd is in my opinion quite an achievement despite the odds, no doubt he was a stalwart person.


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