Fading Parsi ?

The Fading Parsi is a fifteen minute radio documentary based on one of India’s oldest and most successful minorities. The Parsi’s migrated to India from ancient Iran in the 10th century. This community has flourished ever since and has done a lot to serve their fellow Parsi’s. Unfortunately over time the community has developed a range of problems, and these issues have created a strong rift within the Parsi fold.

Depleting numbers among the community is a long standing issue and with each passing census it seems to be getting worse and worse. This documentary attempts to shed some light on this grave issue plaguing this community. The reformists among the community are trying to move with the times in this global world. And sitting in the opposition are the so called orthodox who are gravely opposed to conversion and marrying outside the community.

69,000 is the official number of Parsi individuals in India. This number declines by 10% every year. The documentary has been made by keeping a target audience in mind. Both male and female above the age of 16years will find a keen interest in this piece of journalism.

– Neha Lall

Click Here for the Audio Documentary

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