Zoroastrian Community of New Zealand

Zoroastrians living in New Zealand now number nearly 900, which is over 200 families. The major migration has taken effect post year 2001. Zoroastrians living in Auckland meet and have functions on a regular basis at community centres or school halls. Mainly for the children’s prayer classes and other Religious and Social functions. Unfortunately, because of restrictions and bookings by other groups, these meetings and functions have to be held at various locations. Religious ceremonies have to be restricted and community activities have to be limited to comply with the venue regulations. It is proposed that a community centre be established in Auckland. This will provide the Zoroastrian community in Auckland to have a permanent venue for their functions and get-togethers and provide a place for communal worship. Click Here to access the ZCT brochure.

Click Here to access the ZCT NewZealand Website

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